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Record six China balloons fly across Taiwan: MND

A record six Chinese balloons flew across Taiwan between 6am on Saturday and 6am yesterday, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said.

In its daily report on Chinese military activities, the ministry said that the six balloons were among eight that crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait during the 24-hour period.

The eight balloons were detected between 10:05am and 3:34pm on Saturday at altitudes of 3,658m to 10,668m, it said.


Japan on the alert over China’s ocean movements

China Coast Guard vessels have been passing by Japanese-claimed waters for weeks in the East China Sea and China’s warships have been edging near Japan’s southwestern islands over the past few days, Japanese officials said.

A fleet of four China Coast Guard vessels on Thursday passed just outside of the territorial waters of Japan-controlled islands, which Beijing and Taiwan also claim, for the 49th day in a row, the Japan Coast Guard said.

It said it warned China’s vessels against further approaching the Diaoyutai Islands (釣魚台群島) — known as the Senkakus in Japan.


DPP lawmaker urges cyberdefense priority

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Puma Shen (沈伯洋) yesterday said he would prioritize legislation to clarify the definition of being “at war,” and which government agencies are to be in charge when the nation comes under cyberattacks.

Taiwan needs to improve in such mechanisms, and both the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MDA) have stated that they are unsure who would be in charge of cyberattacks and defense if the nation is at war, he said.

The endeavor would involve many ministries and departments, Shen said, suggesting that the Executive Yuan take the lead and coordinate between government agencies while he helps set the overall direction and draft special laws.


China ‘cheats’ to lead in tech: official

China has sought to “cheat” and “steal” its way to matching Taiwan in chip technology, but has yet to succeed despite investing huge sums, Representative to the US Alexander Yui said on Wednesday, while holding out the prospect of more Taiwanese semiconductor investment in the US.

In an interview with Reuters, Yui, who arrived in Washington in December last year, cast doubt on reports that China’s chipmakers are on the cusp of making next-generation smartphone processors, and refuted charges by former US president Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate for the US presidential election in November, that Taiwan was taking American semiconductor jobs.


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Lam Wing-kei, center, participates in a protest march with pro-democracy lawmakers and supporters in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: Reuters

A Hong Kong bookseller who said he was blindfolded, interrogated and detained in China led a protest march yesterday defying Beijing as pressure grows for authorities to answer questions over the case.