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Commission to propose legislation to deal with White Terror perpetrators

Transitional Justice Commission Chairwoman Yang Tsui, right, and Deputy Chairwoman Yeh Hung-ling hold a news conference yesterday in Taipei.
Photo: Lin Cheng-kung, Taipei Times

Transitional Justice Commission Chairwoman Yang Tsui (楊翠) yesterday vowed that the commission would propose legislation to deal with investigations into the perpetrators of White Terror atrocities and other human rights abuses of the past.


Questions remain over US ties

Taiwan-US relations are said to be entering a new stage after Washington on Friday released new diplomatic guidelines, but some sensitive issues still require delicate negotiations.

In its announcement, the US Department of State said the new guidelines “liberalize guidance on contacts with Taiwan” and show that the nation is a vibrant democracy, and important security and economic partner. However, the department also reiterated the US’ “one China” policy and used the word “unofficial” twice to describe the relations.


Report suggests changing KMT emblem

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) emblem, left, and the Republic of China national emblem are pictured in an undated photograph.
Photo: Chen Yu-fu, Taipei Times

Changing the national emblem should not be taken lightly, as it embodies the nation’s collective sentiment, but political party symbols can and should change with the times, the Ministry of the Interior said on Thursday in a report on the issues stemming from similarities between the national and Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) emblems.


Artists supporting Xinjiang cotton

I have always held a deep respect for the broad-mindedness and open nature of true artists, as opposed to those cold-blooded artists for hire who abandon their values for a few gold sovereigns.

The fundamental difference between these two types of artists lies in the strength of their convictions, which dictates whether they will hold fast to their beliefs when they are severely tested, or simply cast them aside as extraneous flotsam.

Chinese-American actor Ryan Jiang (姜光宇) is a Falun Gong practitioner. He received the “best actor” award at the 2019 Wales International Film Festival for his leading role in the film Origin Bound.


Judiciary vows toughness in Weng case

Civic group representatives lodge a complaint at the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday against six former judges implicated in the Weng Mao-chung corruption case.
Photo: CNA

The investigation into the Weng Mao-chung (翁茂鍾) case would hold all judicial personnel involved accountable to the strictest interpretation of the law, Judicial Yuan President Hsu Tzong-li (許宗力) said yesterday, while pledging more action against misconduct to uphold the judiciary’s credibility.


China’s pan-blue comrades-in-arms

The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) and the US Coast Guard last month signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a coast guard working group. The agreement is an important milestone in the transformation of Taiwan’s coast guard toward the US model. Despite this positive piece of news, the pan-blue camp has, once again, adopted a bizarre and illogical stance.

Broadcasting Corp of China chairman Jaw Shaw-kong (趙少康) has proposed that Taiwan sign an MOU with the Chinese Coast Guard for the joint defense of the disputed Diaoyutai Islands (釣魚台) — known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan.

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President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) recent elaborations on the issue of Taiwan’s statehood, given the complex nature of the legal status of the Republic of China (ROC), was likely “international legal suicide” and a deception of the people of Taiwan, academics said in a forum last week.

Ma appears to have been self-conflicting and inconsistent in his interpretation of the cross-strait framework, Brad Roth, a professor of political science and law at Wayne State University in Michigan, told a forum organized by Taiwan Thinktank.