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Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation

Tibetan uprising commemoration

We commemorate the Tibetan uprising today, when thousands of Tibetans rose up against Chinese occupation and oppression on March 10, 1959.

We honor the courage and sacrifice of those who fought and died for the country’s freedom and dignity.

We also express our solidarity with and support for the Tibetans who continue to resist and struggle for their rights and autonomy in the face of China’s brutal crackdown and assimilation policies.


Submarine fleet could deter China

The nation’s indigenously produced submarine, the Hai-kun (“Narwhal”), was recently unveiled in a public ceremony.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is attempting to combine the Taiwan Strait and the South China and East China seas into one body of water, to extend the boundaries of its defensive sphere to the western Pacific Ocean.

This is being done to deny the US a strategic solution in case of a limited war between China and the US, particularly as the US military possesses superior underwater warfare capabilities, the US-based think tank RAND Corp said.


Taiwan, US to deepen cooperation in education

Taiwan and the US on Monday reaffirmed their commitment to deepening cooperation in English and Mandarin-language education, with a view to expanding their collaboration to include the sciences.

Deputy Minister of Education Liu Mon-chi (劉孟奇) led a delegation of ministry officials to the fourth high-level dialogue under the Taiwan-US Education Initiative in Washington, the Ministry of Education said in a news release yesterday.

The ministry presented the outcome of bilateral cooperation in Mandarin and bilingual education; exchanges between elementary, junior-high schools and universities; and cultivation of semiconductor talent, it said.


Legislators’ conflicts of interest

On Monday last week, Citizen Congress Watch released a statement calling for Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Ma Wen-chun (馬文君) not to stand for election as co-convener of the Legislative Yuan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee until a judicial investigation confirms her innocence in an ongoing legal case.

The statement also said that when deciding who to nominate as committee conveners, legislative caucuses of all parties should live up to public expectations by making sure to avoid conflicts of interest.

Third, they said that laws and regulations concerning the Legislative Yuan should be reviewed to establish a comprehensive system for avoiding conflicts of interest among legislators.


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A graph displaying the results of an Academia Sinica survey presented on Friday shows that a majority of respondents placed national sovereignty above economic gains in cross-strait negotiations.
Photo: Chien Hui-ju, Taipei Times

A survey conducted by Academia Sinica has found that most respondents value Taiwan’s sovereignty over economic gains in cross-strait negotiations.