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Significance of Truss’ support for Taiwan

Seeing former British prime minister Liz Truss visit Taiwan, pro-China politicians unfamiliar with British politics have lashed out by calling her a “washed-up political figure” who is seeking to make political capital out of the visit. With British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak backtracking on a pledge to shut down 30 Chinese state-sponsored Confucius Institutes across the UK, these politicians capitalized on the opportunity to disparage the significance of her visit to Taiwan.

However, anyone familiar with British politics would know that Truss is anything but a “washed up second-rate” politician. Chinese officials should not be so quick to write her off, as there remains the possibility that she could return as foreign secretary or assume another prominent government office.


Ministry must act to end bomb threats: lawmaker

The Ministry of Justice must propose a solution to a slew of bomb threats over the past week, which were an intentional act of harassment to sow discord in Taiwanese society, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Liu Chien-kuo (劉建國) said yesterday.

Fushan Botanical Garden in Yilan County earlier yesterday received an e-mail stating that six explosive devices had been set in the garden, prompting it to shut for two days while a thorough search was conducted, Liu said in comments during a review of an amendment at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei.


Shutting out cognitive warfare

A woman who purchased books from Eslite bookstore was harassed by telephone calls from someone claiming to an Eslite marketing employee, saying that “there is no way Taiwan could win a war with China” and “unification with Taiwan is inevitable,” among other things.

The case not only involved the leak of personal data, but revealed the extent of the infiltration of China’s cognitive warfare that Taiwanese have to reckon with.


Alliance to promote Taiwan’s WHA bid

The Taiwan United Nations Alliance yesterday said it would promote Taiwan’s visibility and publicize the nation’s contributions to global health on the sidelines of the World Health Assembly (WHA), which is to convene in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday.

Members of the alliance’s Here I Stand Project, which comprises young Taiwanese dedicated to speaking up for Taiwan at international events, as well as a number of doctors, are to depart for Geneva on Thursday, the alliance told a news conference in Taipei.


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New Delhi, March 29: Even as news of Jamphel Yeshi's death began to spread around the world, another young Tibetan in the beleagured Ngaba region of Tibet passed away in a fiery protest on March 28.

The exile base of Kirti monastery in Dharamshala said that Sherab, a 20-year-old monk set himself on fire in the main street of Cha township raising protests against the Chinese government.