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About Tati

The Taiwan Tati Cultural & Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung on July 8th, 1996 at Taichung City, the largest metropolis in mid-Taiwan.  The primary objective of Tati is to educate the Taiwanese people and illuminate the world with the core values of democracy; of liberty, human rights, freedom, and independent national sovereignty that gives every ethnic group or people on the face of the earth their deserved dignity.  In attempts to achieve our objective: we hold periodic seminars (every week) that invite pro-democracy and pro-sovereignty experts, make films recording Taiwan’s ongoing democratization process and endeavor to obtain national independence and sovereignty, write articles supporting Taiwan as well as budding democracies in other parts of the world, post articles with pro-democracy orientation such as Taiwan Impression, and conduct pro-democracy spiritual activities such as Holy Mountain Pilgrimages and meditation classes.  We invite all of you (yes! every citizen in the world!!) to join our efforts.  May Taiwanese Martyred Spirits bless you all.  May God bless the world with peace and prosperity!


Contact Us


By Phone:


International Dialing Prefix* – 886 – 4 – 2372 – 3710   or

International Dialing Prefix* – 886 – 4 – 2372 – 4140


*examples of “international dialing prefix” would be 011 for US, 0011 for Australian voice calls, 0015 or 0019 for Australian Fax.


By Fax:


                   International Dialing Prefix* – 886 – 4 – 2372 – 9817


By E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


By Mail:       6F.-2, No. 155 Zihjhih Street,

                   West District,

                   Taichung City 403,


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The US State Department has notified Congress that it is going ahead with three arms sales programs to Taiwan — after holding them up for more than six months.

While the programs are not huge — they involve radar upgrades for Indigenous Defense Fighters (IDF) — the move could be significant in that it shows US President Barack Obama standing up to China and supporting Taiwan despite Beijing’s protests.