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Farmers’ association paid in yuan: DPP

Shueili Borough Warden Chen Kuei-you, third left, and Democratic Progressive Party Nantou County chapter member Tseng Tsung-kai, center, take part in a news conference in Nantou County yesterday calling attention to a local farmers’ association paying its members in Chinese yuan.
Photo: Chang Hsieh-sheng, Taipei Times

Nantou County’s Lugu Township (鹿谷) Farmers’ Association paid its members in Chinese currency twice in 2017, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said yesterday.


PRC propaganda unrelenting: report

An undated photograph shows the logo of the Institute for National Defense and Security Research in Taipei.
Photo: Aaron Tu, Taipei Times

Beijing will persist in its disinformation campaign against Taiwan, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research said in its latest report on Chinese political and military developments.


Help China end communist rule

When US president-elect Joe Biden takes over from US President Donald Trump, he must confront a complex and daunting China problem.

However, Trump’s team also leave Biden a simple — although not easy — China solution: Take the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) out of the equation.

Well before China unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration was moving toward a confrontation with the People’s Republic in the realm of information warfare. Beijing has waged the ideological component of “Cold War II” for decades without a serious response from the US, until now.


Chinese incursions highest since 1996

A Chinese H-6 bomber flies near the median line of the Taiwan Strait on Sept. 18 last year.
Photo: Reuters

The number of Chinese incursions into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) last year was the highest since 1996, with the majority of them occurring in the zone’s southwest, a government-funded report has said.


Defend against the CCP or perish

Less than 10 days after enjoying a solo concert by Taiwan-born pianist Chen Ruei-bin (陳瑞斌), I was saddened to learn that China’s foremost pianist, Fou Tsong (傅聰), who at the end of the 1950s went into exile in the UK, had succumbed to COVID-19. These extremes of emotion served up by the pandemic — joy and heartache — conjure up memories.

Fou’s father, Fu Lei (傅雷), was a well-known translator of French literature. When I returned to China in 1955, Fu was living in Shanghai and had already achieved distinction. Two years later, at age 19, I was lucky enough to escape the horrors of the Anti-Rightist Movement. Fu was less fortunate and in 1958 was branded a “rightist.”


Is the ‘Ta Chiang’ a carrier killer?

Following last month’s launch of the navy’s latest warship, the Ta Chiang, a heated debate has erupted in the media about whether the vessel can be classified as a “carrier killer,” with some claiming that it is a gross exaggeration of the ship’s capabilities.

So which side is right? Is the missile corvette a genuine “carrier killer” or not?

To find out, we must temporarily put aside the ship itself and instead focus on the missiles it is to carry: the Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile.

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From left, Wang Chao-ching, Lee Po-feng and AnnieC in Taipei yesterday hold their entries in a contest to design a Taiwanese Olympic flag.
Photo: Liao Cheng-huei, Taipei Times

The Taiwan People News Culture and Arts Foundation yesterday announced the results of an Olympic flag design competition, with hopes award-winning designs might replace Taiwan’s Olympic flag, the foundation said.