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Chips give Taiwan an edge that it needs to use

Washington’s China policy usually oscillates between containment and engagement. Prior to former US president Donald Trump’s trade dispute with China, the US placed greater emphasis on cooperation than competition with China, especially at the economic level, as it believed that the mutual benefit of cooperation would benefit Americans.

Since the start of the dispute, mutually beneficial trade has gradually been replaced with competition, undermining the basis for cooperation between the countries. Now, US-China competition has evolved into a technology war that is defining the direction of relations between the two powers for the foreseeable future.


Tuvalu vows to ‘stand firm’ with Taiwan: Natano

President Tsai Ing-wen, front left, and Tuvaluan Prime Minister Kausea Natano, front center, review an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony outside the Presidential Office Building in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: CNA

Visiting Tuvaluan Prime Minister Kausea Natano yesterday said his country would “stand firm to remain a lasting and loyal ally” of Taiwan.

Natano made the pledge at a ceremony in Taipei marking his first visit to Taiwan as prime minister since taking office in 2019.


Combat China through India ties

China has multiple territorial and maritime disputes with many nations. However, its most important disputes are with Taiwan and India.

These disputes are not merely territorial, but hegemonistic and expansionist in nature. They are also part of China’s larger design to establish global supremacy and a Sino-centric world order.

Annexation of Taiwan at the earliest moment is China’s priority ambition. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) wants to illegally annex the island nation despite never having ruled it.


Dogmatism breeds plagiarism

Former premier Simon Chang (張善政), the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) candidate for Taoyuan mayor, denied allegations that he plagiarized content in a research report that he was commissioned to write for the Council of Agriculture in 2007.

Chinese-language Mirror Media, which first published the allegations on Tuesday, said that Chang’s research team had failed to cite their sources for some of the content in the report. Chang defended himself by saying that as the report was not academic in nature, the lack of citations could not be considered plagiarism.


Drone shot down amid China tensions

Kinmen County’s Shi Islet is pictured in an undated photograph with the skyline of China’s Xiamen in the background.
Photo courtesy of retired Kinmen teacher Hung Ching-chang

Taiwan yesterday downed a civilian drone after weeks of complaints about incursions by uncrewed aerial vehicles from China, a sign Taipei is pushing back against Beijing’s efforts to encroach on its territory.

Taiwanese troops shot the drone down near Kinmen’s Shi Islet (獅嶼) at about noon after attempts to repel it failed, a statement from the garrison on the Taipei-held outpost just off China said.


Experience ties Taiwan, Baltic states together

The Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — in 1940 were invaded and occupied by the Soviet Union, under the leadership of Joseph Stalin and the auspices of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, a nonaggression treaty between Germany and the Soviets signed in 1939.

Conducting illegal surveillance, detention and execution, the Soviet Union carried out the June Deportation of 1941, in which 95,000 people were exiled to Siberian labor camps for “re-education.”

The victims included civil servants, military personnel, police officers, teachers, wealthy businesspeople, elderly people, women and children. Most of these “class enemies” never lived to see their homeland again.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu and Polish Office in Taipei Director Cyryl Kozaczewski display a sign after a news conference on humanitarian aid for Ukraine in Taipei on March 7.
Photo: Ann Wang, Reuters

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday said that it has approved the visas of 19 Ukrainians wishing to visit relatives in Taiwan under a special waiver program launched last month.

Taiwan on March 11 launched the program offering certain Ukrainian nationals visas of between 30 days and six months to assist Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.