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Taiwan’s national identity problem

Regarding the rise of doubts in Taiwan about US military aid if China invades, I have the following response. The doubts are reasonable, assuming that a Chinese takeover is not an existential threat to Taiwanese.

It is not, though, a response I would expect to hear from a Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese or Ukrainian.

Some Taiwanese academics and politicians do not believe a Chinese takeover is a threat to Taiwanese, not because they do not believe a Chinese takeover is a possibility or a probability, but rather because they do not believe, in their hearts, that there really is such a thing as a Taiwanese people.


What The CCP Offers The People Of Taiwan: Decades Of Death

Though it has had 74 years to develop its plans, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has given no real credible explanation of what it will do to Taiwan and its citizens after it invades and conquers the independent and self-actualized island democracy.

Official CCP pronouncements explain little and offer frighting implications.

Historic precedent, however, suggests the possibility of a murderous CCP reign of terror, while terrorizing Taiwan’s new diaspora and forcing Taiwan’s youth into decades of wars for global hegemony.


The US must do more to support Taiwan: Bolton

The US must warn China of the severe consequences of taking military action against Taiwan, former US national security adviser John Bolton said in Taipei yesterday.

Bolton made the remarks while giving the keynote address at the World Taiwanese Congress’ annual meeting.

He added that the US must work closer with Taiwan and allied countries in Asia on national security to counter Chinese aggression, and ensure that Taiwan remains a free and democratic country.


Blind to China’s cognitive warfare

On Tuesday last week, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled “In Taiwan, Friends are Starting to Turn Against Each Other” by Lung Ying-tai (龍應台), a writer and former minister of culture who served in the administration of former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九).

Lung’s prose is deceptively soft and tender, but in reality, she was directing her fire at the Taiwanese public — specifically, pro-Taiwan and pan-green supporters, as well as independent voters — blaming them for sowing dissent in society.


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The New Power Party (NPP) is the only “third force” party likely to be awarded at-large legislative seats, according to a new poll released yesterday by the Taiwan Thinktank, which also showed that a large majority of the party’s supporters come from the “pan-green” camp.

The poll results show that the NPP has a support rating of 5.6 percent for voters’ at-large legislative seat ballot, compared with 4.3 percent for the People First Party (PFP), 3.7 percent for the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), 2.3 percent for the Green Party-Social Democratic Party Alliance (Green Party-SDP Alliance), 1.6 percent for the Free Taiwan Party and 0.7 percent for the Republic Party (Minkuotang, MKT).