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Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation

Expanding security partnerships

US President Joe Biden on Thursday last week vowed to support peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait — the first time he did so in a State of the Union Address.

Biden had on four occasions — mainly in response to media queries — asserted that Washington would provide military aid to defend Taiwan against a hypothetical invasion by China. During his address to the US Congress, the US president did not, as is customary, start with domestic affairs, focusing instead on international issues, such as Taiwan.

“We’re standing up against China’s unfair economic practices, and standing up for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” he said.


Opposing camps protest over citizenship proposal

Opponents and supporters of a bill that would allow Chinese spouses to obtain Taiwanese citizenship in four years instead of six staged protests near the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday morning.

Those who oppose the bill proposed by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) demanded that Chinese spouses be granted citizenship only after renouncing their Chinese citizenship, passing a citizenship test and pledging allegiance to Taiwan.

The demonstrators, who were protesting at a side entrance to the Legislative Yuan on Jinan Road, were mostly members of the Taiwan Association of University Professors and other organizations advocating Taiwanese independence.


Legislator eyes loyalty oath for Chinese spouses

A Democratic Progressive Party legislator yesterday introduced a draft amendment that would require Chinese spouses to swear an oath of loyalty to Taiwan and take a test of civic knowledge before becoming citizens.

Legislator Huang Jie (黃捷) proposed the changes amid controversy around a proposal to allow Chinese spouses to obtain citizenship after four years of marriage, down from six.

Under the proposal, the oath of loyalty would be legally binding, with contravention of it resulting in the person losing their household registration.


National consciousness in Taiwan

A few days ago, it was nice and sunny outside, so I went to take a walk in a park. There, I overheard an elementary-school student ask: What countries do you like besides Taiwan?

The child called Taiwan by its name and said it was a country, showing that consciousness of “Taiwan is a nation” has been internalized, which delights me.

There are a few other examples of this.

As of this year, 110 countries recognize the Taiwanese passport and allow entry without a visa. Twelve of these have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan — and welcome Taiwanese with open arms — while the rest use our country’s name, Taiwan.


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US President Barack Obama promised on Wednesday to get tougher with China on enforcing trade rules, stepping up the tone amid rising friction between the two powers over Taiwan and Tibet.

Obama also hinted that he would take Beijing to task over the strength of its yuan currency, responding to growing restlessness in the US Congress over Chinese monetary policy as the US economy charts an uncertain recovery.