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Prosecutor calls for stricter espionage laws

Pointing to lenient sentences handed out in national security cases, Taiwan High Prosecutors’ Office Chief Prosecutor Hsing Tai-chao (邢泰釗) on Thursday called for stricter measures to deter espionage in Taiwan.

Hsing, a former Taipei district chief prosecutor, said that a review of more than 200 national security cases showed that none of the convicted defendants received a sentence of more than five years in prison.

Cases of people working on behalf of China to infiltrate government and military positions to obtain top-level and classified materials to undermine Taiwan’s security are a serious concern that erodes public confidence in the nation’s leadership, he said.


US faces turning point over Taiwan

Over the past year, the world has observed what many of us in the US Congress have warned about for years: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an unreliable partner intent on chasing its ambitions to be the world’s superpower at the expense of its people, its partners and the international community at large.

In December last year, the CCP had evidence that a new strain of the coronavirus was infecting and killing Chinese citizens at an alarming rate. Their response was to censor medical professionals and lie to their own people out of fear of tarnishing China’s global image, and then to allow millions to travel outside Hubei Province to the rest of China and throughout the world.


Defense, foreign ministries criticize China after second day of PLA drills

Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Intelligence Deputy Chief Yang Ching gives a briefing at the Ministry of National Defense in Taipei last night.
Photo: Chu Pei-hsiung, Taipei Times

The Ministry of National Defense yesterday criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for holding a joint naval-air exercise 90 nautical miles (166km) off the coast of Taiwan, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the global community to squarely face up to the threat posed by China.


End of strategic ambiguity policy

The decades-long debate about committing the US to defend Taiwan against communist China’s aggression is approaching a resolution.

US President Donald Trump and his administration apparently have decided to end the archaic and counterproductive policy of strategic ambiguity.

In a Fox News interview on Aug. 23, Trump was asked: “If China, and it looks like it’s getting more belligerent, tries to either invade Taiwan or effectively take control of it and its important industries, would you let them get away with it?”


Virus Outbreak: New mask imprints to certify origin

Taiwanese-made masks are pictured on March 30.
Photo: CNA

“Surgical” masks made in Taiwan must bear the imprints “MD” and “Made in Taiwan” by the end of this month, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said yesterday, as it reported another imported case of COVID-19, a Taiwanese woman who returned from France.


Fines do little to end corporate crime

After Carry Hi-tech was last week accused of importing 3.37 million nonmedical-grade masks from China and passing them off as locally produced products to sell as part of the nation’s mask rationing system, the Central Epidemic Command Center on Sunday announced that customs officers had uncovered an additional 838,320 imported masks. Such incidents merit legal amendments to more clearly define offenses and set stricter punishments.

Just a few days after the first case, a similar incident, which also purportedly began this past month, was revealed. This coincidence raises the question: How many such cases have not yet been discovered?

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A Republic of China Navy submarine is moored at the Zuoying naval base in Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District as a warship stands in the background during a visit by President Tsai Ing-wen on March 21 last year.
Photo: Chang Chung-i, Taipei Times

The indigenous submarine program has all the signs of becoming another multibillion-dollar scandal tarnished by graft and shady deals, with shadowy figures establishing shell companies to procure the contracts, including some who were involved in the Lafayette frigate scandal of the 1990s, insiders said yesterday.