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US, Japan show united front on China

US President Joe Biden, right, and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga arrive for a joint news conference at the White House in Washington on Friday.
Photo: EPA-EFE

The US and Japan on Friday vowed to stand firm together against an assertive China, and to step up cooperation on climate change and next-generation technology as US President Joe Biden made his first summit a show of alliance unity.


Power, succession and the people

For any nation in today’s world, two issues are salient: “Who rules the nation and so controls the national power, and how is that power successively transferred?”

In simple terms, this is asking which form of government is in the best interest of the people and the nation. That is, should that nation be either a one-party state or a democracy? After that, once the power base has been established, how then is it transferred?


Time for a Taiwan-US free-trade deal

An unofficial delegation of retired US officials — former US senator Chris Dodd, and former US deputy secretaries of state James Steinberg and Richard Armitage — arrived on Wednesday for talks with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) and senior Taiwanese officials. The visit came after China on Monday dispatched a record 25 military airplanes into Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone, in a significant upping of the ante.

Officials from Washington and Taipei clearly went to a lot of trouble to ensure that the delegation’s three-day visit was conducted in as low key a manner as possible. It was kept secret until just a few hours before the delegation, traveling in a small unmarked private jet, touched down at Taipei International Airport (Songshan airport) on Wednesday afternoon.


Commission to propose legislation to deal with White Terror perpetrators

Transitional Justice Commission Chairwoman Yang Tsui, right, and Deputy Chairwoman Yeh Hung-ling hold a news conference yesterday in Taipei.
Photo: Lin Cheng-kung, Taipei Times

Transitional Justice Commission Chairwoman Yang Tsui (楊翠) yesterday vowed that the commission would propose legislation to deal with investigations into the perpetrators of White Terror atrocities and other human rights abuses of the past.


Questions remain over US ties

Taiwan-US relations are said to be entering a new stage after Washington on Friday released new diplomatic guidelines, but some sensitive issues still require delicate negotiations.

In its announcement, the US Department of State said the new guidelines “liberalize guidance on contacts with Taiwan” and show that the nation is a vibrant democracy, and important security and economic partner. However, the department also reiterated the US’ “one China” policy and used the word “unofficial” twice to describe the relations.


Report suggests changing KMT emblem

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) emblem, left, and the Republic of China national emblem are pictured in an undated photograph.
Photo: Chen Yu-fu, Taipei Times

Changing the national emblem should not be taken lightly, as it embodies the nation’s collective sentiment, but political party symbols can and should change with the times, the Ministry of the Interior said on Thursday in a report on the issues stemming from similarities between the national and Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) emblems.

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Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators yesterday accused President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) of trying to “de-Taiwanize” high school textbooks to “brainwash” students.

A textbook review committee is making final reviews of various textbook editions for the next school year that starts in September to make sure they follow a curriculum approved in 2009.