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Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation

Tsai reinstates one-year conscription

Conscription is to be restored to one year for all men born after Jan. 1, 2005, starting in 2024, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said yesterday as part of an updated national defense plan.

“The decision is a difficult one, but as the head of the military and for the continued survival of Taiwan, this is an inevitable responsibility,” Tsai said.


Taiwan detects 78 Chinese craft in a day

A total of 71 Chinese military aircraft and seven naval vessels were detected around Taiwan from 6am on Sunday to 6am yesterday, the Ministry of National Defense said.

It was the most Chinese military craft detected within a 24-hour period so far this year.

Forty-seven aircraft were spotted either crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait or entering Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the ministry said.

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People in favor of nuclear power often condescend to supporters of the anti-nuclear movement, saying: “You do not know what you’re talking about, you are not scientists, yours is an irrational fear.” By this, they mean that “you don’t have a background in nuclear power engineering, you don’t understand anything about nuclear power plants, so you are not qualified to have a say in the debate about nuclear safety.”

However, who is most qualified to talk about nuclear safety? Is it the nuclear power engineers? Are they really the highest authority on the dangers of nuclear power?