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Ukraine says ‘indecision killing more of our people’ as Berlin mum on tanks

Ukraine on Saturday blasted the “global indecision” of its allies after Germany stalled on supplying its vaunted Leopard tanks to bolster Kyiv’s fighting capacity in the nearly year-long war with Russia.

On Friday, about 50 nations agreed to provide Kyiv with billions of US dollars of military hardware, including armored vehicles and munitions needed to push back Russian forces.

However, German Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius said that despite heightened expectations, “we still cannot say when a decision will be taken, and what the decision will be, when it comes to the Leopard tank.”


EU parliament boosts Taiwan defense

EU institutions should “urgently draw up a scenario-based strategy” to tackle Taiwan’s security challenges, the European Parliament said on Wednesday as it adopted the implementation reports on two major EU security policies.

The parliament adopted the annual report on the implementation of the Common Security and Defense Policy with 459 “yes” votes, 93 “no” votes and 85 abstentions, and the implementation report on the Common Foreign and Security Policy with 407 “yes” votes, 92 “no” votes and 142 abstentions.


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An F-5 fighter pilot yesterday signals a “thumbs-up” at Taitung Air Force Base.
Photo provided by Military News Agency via CNA

The air force yesterday conducted a test flight of one of its F-5 fighter jets, after completing major inspections of its fleet due to a deadly crash on Oct. 29, the Military News Agency said.