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Dr. Yang's Special Column

The Heavenly Light (A)

Following the blood and tears of February Twenty-Eighth,

The earth’s grievances in we breathe,

The Gods’ light emerges as the Formosa Sun,

Though it can make the demons of imperial colonialism no where to escape but dawn,


Devils in powdered masquerade,

To the righteous and honest Formosan do they deceptively persuade.


Wild Strawberries at Taichung-What I See and What I Hear

The student demonstrators’ “Wild Strawberries Movement” is a pro-democracy movement that perpetuates the “Wild Lily Student Movement” that also possesses globally accepted values with wide ramifications.  This time around, the fact that the students were able to conduct peaceful demonstrations to demand democracy, freedom, human rights, and legal justices; is an achievement of democracy and education of democratic principles from 20 years of combined administrations of former presidents Lee Tung-Hui and Chen Shui-Bian.


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The Chinese navy has commissioned three new amphibious transport docks over the past few years that could improve Beijing’s ability to seize and hold Taiwan’s outlying islands.

According to a report to be unveiled by the US House Armed Services Committee yesterday, each of the docks can carry a mix of air-cushion landing craft, amphibious armored vehicles, helicopters and marines.

Nevertheless, the report says that “at this time” China does not appear to be pursuing the amphibious capabilities necessary to conduct a large-scale invasion of Taiwan.