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Whither Sovereignty Resideth: ROC (China) or ROT (Taiwan)?

Hope Democracy

KMT equals to ROC.
A-Jeou operates with a breeze.
KMT and Red
Share the ROC –
The ROC Joker.

ROC was extinct at 1971.
A-Shek got kicked out of the UN.
At 1948, A-Shek was already out-and-out with,
ROC had been exterminated by Red China Communist.


The Martyred Spirits of Democracy Preside Over Taiwan 228 Holy Mountain

The Martyred Spirits of Democracy Preside Over Taiwan 228 Holy Mountain

2009, June 4th, rain and gusts awash in abundance…
The Chinese people crave democracy.
1912, the Manchurian Ching Dynasty expired.

Sun Yet-San established the Nationalist government.
Yet, the Chinese folks, some died, others fled;
All the same, unable to escape the fate of “despotism and dictatorship.”


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Three people connected with China-funded organizations, including Chou Ke-chi (周克琦) who heads the Gong He Party (共和黨), were indicted yesterday for contravening the Anti-Infiltration Act (反滲透法).

Along with Chou, who also heads the pro-China agitation group 333 Political Alliance (333政黨聯盟), Pan Jindong (潘進東) and Chu Chun-yuan (朱俊源), board members of the Taipei Puxian Association (莆仙同鄉會), were also indicted. Puxian is another name for Putian, a city in China’s Fujian Province.

The three are the first people Taipei prosecutors have charged for contravening the Anti-Infiltration Act since it was passed by the legislature in 2020 to counter the influence of foreign hostile forces seeking to meddle in Taiwan’s elections.