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Home Articles Dr. Yang's Column United, We Are Truly Powerful – The 908 Taiwanese National Movement Illuminating and Incandescent at Taichung

United, We Are Truly Powerful – The 908 Taiwanese National Movement Illuminating and Incandescent at Taichung

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The 908 Taiwanese National Movement is formed by union of Taiwan’s pro-localization non-profit organizations with the aim of nation-building.  On November First of 2008 at Taichung Park’s “Reject China, Bless Taiwan, Rally for Folks” activity, several thousand (4000 to 5000) people pro-actively came and participated.  When President Chen Shui-Bien came, there permeated a poignant passion directed for nation-guarding and nation-building.  We, the Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation, are also invited to be a member of the organizing committee.


When President Chen entered, amid several thousand participants’ hoorays and cheerings, guiding him to the Taiwanese Martyred Spirits’ altar at the side of the platform for worshipping was the culmination of the entire rally.  The 908 Taiwanese National Movement is a well-paced and peaceful nation-building movement planned by chairman Hsieh, members of the foundation’s every regional branch, and the chief executive Chang Chi-Mei; and is also exceedingly successful.  This is a rightly appropriate mean for people to get anger off their chests by working within the confines of democratic.


While we were at all kinds of protesting locations, we still haven’t found any group violence or unreasonable behaviors.  On the other hand, during President Chen’ administration, in contrast with the anti-Chen “Red Shirts’” extremist behaviors, the 908 Nation-Building Movement exhibits many more democratic model behaviors.  This indeed is the characteristic that is worthy to imitate for all future street protesting activities.


The cops of Taichung, according to my personal observation over a long time: comparing to other cities and counties, have a strong ambience of amicability.  Their interactions with the Tati Foundation or other Taiwanese-oriented social groups are perfect, and always have a bit of unbelievable mutual trust.  Hopefully such can continue to be maintained, and serves as a role model for other cities and counties.  This, perhaps, is a show of Taiwanese Martyred Spirits’ blessings and providence!


Reasonable and peaceful protests such as these, if unheard, unseen, and uncared by Ma, then frustration and hatred will easily and swiftly accumulate and be turned into a disastrous civil war to defend Taiwan.  I am unwilling to see this happens.  I believe neither are the innocent cops willing to encounter the unfortunate events of injuries from civilians brawling each other.


Here, I thank the members of the 908 Nation-Building Movement for being cooperative.  Their display of determination and forcefulness has obtained the assistance from Taiwanese Martyred Spirits.  I believe that in the future, the road to Taiwan’s nation-building will become smoother and smoother.


Another way to put it: please enable Ma to understand that at the current stage, the folks of the Republic of Taiwan have very dedicated hearts due to their willing endurance for the country.  Don’t ever force the Taiwanese people to start a revolution!

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