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Whither Sovereignty Resideth: ROC (China) or ROT (Taiwan)?

Hope Democracy

KMT equals to ROC.
A-Jeou operates with a breeze.
KMT and Red
Share the ROC –
The ROC Joker.

ROC was extinct at 1971.
A-Shek got kicked out of the UN.
At 1948, A-Shek was already out-and-out with,
ROC had been exterminated by Red China Communist.

A-Jeou manipulates the fake ROC;
Detained the
Republic of Taiwan’s A-Bian into jail.
Operating what is the so-called “laws” and “constitution” of ROC.
That totally is political witch hunt.
From then on,
Taiwan is without human rights.

Before 2009,
Cross-strait talks already started,
Based on KMT-led ROC.
Now A-Jeou goes face-to-face with the Communist dudes,
Selling out

A-Jeou elbows down the Tai-boors,
Amasses party, political, military, law-enforcement, intelligence powers all onto himself.
A-Bian at jail has,
No freedom, no human rights.
Locked-up is Taiwanese people’s hope.
Such craving to decimate Taiwanese people’s and
Taiwan’s nation-building wills.

Taiwanese people’s street protests are,
Simple minded, naïve, immature;
And mindlessly follow DPP.

Some might ask:
For sovereignty, for human rights, against authoritarian, against flagrantly pro-China…
Tens of thousands yelling and shouting;
For what?

Let me ask:
Want ROC’s sovereignty?

Or a
Republic of Taiwan’s national sovereignty?

Like the ROC’s framework of election?
ROC, in the KMT-communist cross-straight dialogue,
Had already got talked off.

A ROC-elected DPP president,
Still can’t discard the “one-china principle.”

Heard that: in order to win a ROC election,
Operating within its system’s framework,
Requires cutting off from Taiwanese national’s A-Bian

A-Bian enduring political witch hunt,
Is a clear fact.

A-Jeou’s mentor,
Jerome Cohen, who’s a human rights legal expert,
Also found A-Jeou’s manipulations contemptuous.

DPP still treats A-Bian as a “phantom?”

Let’s completely abandon ROC’s framework of election!
Focus on, alone, being a nation-building opposition party

If DPP gets ROC’s presidency,
It will still follow A-Jeou’s doctrine.
If such comes to fruition, how’s that differ from A-Jeou?

Don’t need a Taiwan Compatriot Entry Permit,
Can still talk, sans souci, to the Communist dudes.
Does that symbolize not selling out

If I were the Communist dudes,
A DPP president, with a DPP passport,
Can also comfortably finesse a DPP-communist cross-straight dialogue, isn’t it?

ROC and PRC had already become the same “one-china.”
Who conducts united front against whom?

Can DPP let go of the ROC election?
Can utilization of the ROC election build a country for

And A-Bian’s human rights?

Even when facing the fact of A-Bian suffering A-Jeou’s political witch hunt,
Is afraid to speak out and rescue.

Why the talk of sovereignty?

While discussing sovereignty,
Is also afraid of speaking out which specific country’s sovereignty.

Situated at a gray area full of contradictions,

DPP must foot out a path that clearly distinguishes right from the wrong for good.

Don’t block out Taiwan’s nation-building, pro-localization groups.
Don’t get distracted by the swing voters.
Don’t fantasize that the Chinese communists will grant an exceptional favor to the rules they manufacture.

I suspect that: might some in the DPP,
Had been bought out by A-Jeou or the Chinese communists?

Don’t worry. Be happy.
Chaps who support the
Republic of Taiwan,
Are already increasing a many;
Are already getting smarter.

The ROC election system will support the DPP.
Disgruntled but wherewithal!
DPP has to observe the goal that justifies the end; that’s establishing the
Republic of Taiwan.

A-Jeou now pursues an immediate, ride-on-the-horse, speedy unification.
How shrew!
The big assignment of unification’s first step is already complete.
DPP now can only go with the current?

Let’s call for DPP to use any means possible,
To rescue A-Bian out of the jail.
Return trust back to Taiwanese people.
Only then, can discussion of a ROC election,
Become meaningful.
Without human rights, where’s sovereignty?

As for sovereignty!
Is it ROC (
Or is it ROT (
Or some in-theory-only, ambiguous sovereignty – for the 23 million Taiwanese?

Note: The poem is written by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung on Tuesday June 15, 2009. Dr. Yang is the chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation and the author of Taiwanese People Worshiping the Taiwanese Divinities, Rejecting to be a Rootless People

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