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Retired air force officers in spy case freed on bail

Retired air force major general Chien Yao-tung, center, arrives at the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday for questioning over alleged involvement in a Chinese espionage ring.
Photo: George Tsorng, Taipei Times

Two retired air force officers, including a former major general, were yesterday morning released on bail after overnight questioning by prosecutors about their alleged involvement in a Chinese espionage ring.


Independence for Uighurs or death

In the article “Calls for Independence May Not Help the Uyghur Cause” published in Foreign Policy on July 2, Yehan, writing under a pseudonym, argued that calls for independence might not help the Uighur cause.

As a senior journalist and person who belongs to the affected community, I argue that not calling for independence from China means accepting genocide.

Uighurs and Han have no common ground for living together. When they are forced to do so, as we are witnessing today, one side kills the other.


Taiwan’s turn to help Lithuania

Lithuania, which has never received overseas aid from Taiwan, has done so much for the nation this year.

Not only did it donate much-needed COVID-19 vaccines last month — at about the same time that seasonal rains finally brought an end to Taiwan’s crippling water shortage — but it has demonstrated resolve in developing relations with Taipei even in the face of pressure from Beijing.

Taiwan and Lithuania are joined in standing up for what is right, but how can Taiwan return the favor?


Taiwan must help the US help it

Help us help you. That is my standard reply when friends from Taiwan ask how they can guarantee the US will be there for them in times of extreme peril. Such times might soon be upon us. The foreign policy commentariat on this side of the Pacific is afire with conjecture about the timing of a potential Chinese assault on Taiwan, what the US can do about it if it happens and whether the White House would give the order to intercede.

Then-outgoing commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command Admiral Phil Davidson kindled the debate in March, when he told the US Senate Committee on Armed Services that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could move against Taiwan within six years.


Beijing in a bind with Lithuania action: expert

The Lithuanian flag flutters in Vilnius, Lithuania, on March 30, 2019.
Photo: Reuters

Beijing has put itself into an impossible position with its response to Lithuania allowing the establishment of a Taiwanese representative office in Vilnius, a Taiwanese researcher said on Saturday.


Beijing betting on Taliban takeover

It seems unbelievable that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is so full of itself that it is attempting to tame the Taliban.

However, it is desperate for two reasons.

First, China must get ready for increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. It is therefore turning to Afghanistan to secure a second focus area for its Belt and Road Initiative.

Second, China urgently needs a plan B for its prolonged, but fruitless bid to annex Taiwan, and is therefore trying to ensure that any future Afghan government is pro-China.

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Various groups yesterday hold a news conference outside the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office criticizing prosecutors for “passing the buck” and failing to bring charges against former president Ma Ying-jeou for his alleged involvement in the controversial Taipei Dome project when he served as Taipei mayor.
Photo: CNA

Pro-localization groups yesterday accused prosecutors of not taking the necessary steps to prosecute former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) for his suspected role in the Taipei Dome project and a classified information leak, demanding that they take action immediately.