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Defend against the CCP or perish

Less than 10 days after enjoying a solo concert by Taiwan-born pianist Chen Ruei-bin (陳瑞斌), I was saddened to learn that China’s foremost pianist, Fou Tsong (傅聰), who at the end of the 1950s went into exile in the UK, had succumbed to COVID-19. These extremes of emotion served up by the pandemic — joy and heartache — conjure up memories.

Fou’s father, Fu Lei (傅雷), was a well-known translator of French literature. When I returned to China in 1955, Fu was living in Shanghai and had already achieved distinction. Two years later, at age 19, I was lucky enough to escape the horrors of the Anti-Rightist Movement. Fu was less fortunate and in 1958 was branded a “rightist.”


Is the ‘Ta Chiang’ a carrier killer?

Following last month’s launch of the navy’s latest warship, the Ta Chiang, a heated debate has erupted in the media about whether the vessel can be classified as a “carrier killer,” with some claiming that it is a gross exaggeration of the ship’s capabilities.

So which side is right? Is the missile corvette a genuine “carrier killer” or not?

To find out, we must temporarily put aside the ship itself and instead focus on the missiles it is to carry: the Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile.


Taiwan studies and paradigm shifts

My 2016 book, The Paradigms that Guide Our Lives and Drive Our Souls, was the result of continuous research on how issues of science/physics, metaphysical communities, and individual identity interplay and reflect our numerous paradigmatic views of the world we live in, as well as the realities we live by.

The book’s roots dated back decades to my doctoral dissertation on the “concept of personal identity” as found in three unique Americans: Jonathan Edwards, an 18th-century Puritan divine; Ralph Waldo Emerson, a 19th-century transcendentalist; and Alfred North Whitehead, a 20th-century process philosopher.


US office renaming needs support

Due to its unique international situation, Taiwan is often obliged to resort to all kinds of self-demeaning titles in its dealings with international entities or foreign countries, such as joining sports events as “Chinese Taipei” or calling its embassies “trade offices.”

Even with countries with whom it has diplomatic relations, Taiwan has to use the name “Republic of China” (ROC).

Taiwanese have long been subject to the ignominy of seeing their government have to accept these compromises. Given the rapidly changing international situation, Taiwan now has a rare opportunity to redress this injustice.


Preventing miscarriages of justice

This author had the honor of being invited to attend the official online launch of the Transitional Justice Commission’s Taiwan Transitional Justice Database on Feb. 26.

The database has collated records of about 10,000 political victims from during the martial law era. It is the result of more than a year of gathering political archives, statistics and the names and numbers of those prosecuted; identifying the names, ranks and titles of the military judges and prosecutors at the trials; and assigning each a number so that they could be entered in the database.


Trump signs Taiwan Assurance Act

Presidential Office spokesman Xavier Chang speaks to reporters at a briefing in Taipei on Oct. 20.
Photo: CNA

The US$2.3 trillion government spending package that US President Donald Trump finally signed on Sunday evening incorporates the Taiwan Assurance Act of 2020, as well as money to support activities under the Global Cooperation and Training Framework initiative launched in 2015.

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The US House of Representatives on Friday passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, which includes US backing for expanded military exchanges with Taiwan and amendments to US Navy port of call stops in Taiwan.

The Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which serves as the foundation for commercial, cultural and other relations between Taiwan and the US, and the “six assurances” are included in the bill, which cleared with a 344 to 81 vote.