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Taiwan must tackle military spy issue

Former Taiwan Solidarity Union legislator Lo Chih-ming (羅志明) and retired navy major general Hsia Fu-hsiang (夏復翔) were on Thursday released on bail after they were questioned by prosecutors in relation to alleged spying for China. The case is concerning due to their high profile. Hsia previously commanded a destroyer and was deputy director of the Navy Command Headquarters’ Political Warfare Department. The two had access to sensitive information and have contacts in positions of influence.


Europe could do more to ’deter attack’ on Taiwan

European countries could help deter a Chinese attack on Taiwan by conducting military exercises with Taipei and joining the US in imposing sanctions against China, former NATO secretary-general and former Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in Taipei yesterday.

“The most important supplier of weapons and military assistance to Taiwan will be the US. However, to prevent a possible Chinese attack against Taiwan, European countries could assist in different ways,” Rasmussen said.


Clarity on KMT conscription stance

Given the strong possibility that China could invade Taiwan, the Presidential Office has formulated an “armed forces realignment plan to strengthen our all-out national defense.”

Having been discussed and finalized at a high-level national security meeting, the plan is to be submitted to the Legislative Yuan via the Executive Yuan.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislative caucus whip Ker Chien-ming (柯建銘) said that after the Executive Yuan had approved the bill, it would pass it on to the Legislative Yuan for approval.


Taiwan built sub to be tested from September

A prototype of Taiwan’s first locally built submarine is set to begin testing in September, marking a milestone in the nation’s Indigenous Defense Submarine program, CSBC Corp, Taiwan (台船) chairman Cheng Wen-lon (鄭文隆) said yesterday.

The construction of the prototype has continued around the clock after overcoming a series of difficulties thanks to the cooperation of the Naval Shipbuilding Development Center, the navy’s 256th Submarine Squadron and a CSBC task force, Cheng said.


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US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday the world must respond to the sinking of a South Korean warship that has been blamed on North Korea.

“This was an unacceptable provocation by North Korea, and the international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond,” Clinton said after talks with South Korean leaders.