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US sends another nuclear-propelled sub to South Korea

A nuclear-propelled US submarine has arrived in South Korea in the second deployment of a major US naval asset to the Korean Peninsula this month, South Korea’s military said yesterday, adding to the allies’ show of force to counter North Korean nuclear threats.

The USS Annapolis arrived at a port on Jeju Island about a week after the USS Kentucky docked at the mainland port of Busan.

The Kentucky was the first US nuclear-armed submarine to visit South Korea since the 1980s. North Korea reacted to its arrival by test-firing ballistic and cruise missiles in apparent demonstrations that it could make nuclear strikes against South Korea and deployed US naval vessels.


Taiwan should regulate TikTok

As next year’s presidential election gets closer, there are increasing concerns in Taiwan regarding the issue of election interference by China.

Short-video sharing apps on mobile devices have become all the rage recently, and one of the most popular of these is Douyin and its international version TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd.

TikTok has 4 million users in Taiwan alone, and people in the 18 to 24 age range account for 40 percent. These users regard TikTok as a source of news, information and entertainment, with other Chinese apps like Xiaohongshu becoming main amusement sources in people’s daily lives.


Suspicious mail sent from China

A suspicious package that had been sent from Taiwan to a South Korean care home was found to have originated in China, the Taipei Mission in Korea said on Friday.

Based on information provided by Taiwan’s Customs Administration, the package was confirmed to have been sent from China and transshipped to South Korea by Taiwan’s state-run postal service Chunghwa Post Co, the mission said in a statement.

The Taipei mission said it will continue to work with South Korean authorities on the matter and share the results of the probe with the police and other agencies in the country.


Ko’s categorization is ridiculous

In the book The White Power, written by Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) founder, Chairman and presidential candidate Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) and published in 2014, students are categorized into seven tiers.

Medical students belong to the first tier, followed by engineering (second), business school (third), law school (fourth), agriculture (fifth), and humanities and the social sciences (sixth). Students at art schools are not included at all. Perhaps they are considered the seventh tier.


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Taiwanese feel that human rights in the country have deteriorated, according to a survey of public opinion by the government-affiliated Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, with media independence receiving its worst score since the annual survey was first conducted in 2009.

The survey, conducted by Shih Hsin University, polled 1,076 people from Nov. 20 to Nov. 23 to gauge public opinion on the development of democracy, freedom and human rights this year.

The survey monitors six aspects: personal freedom and legal protection; personal liberty and equality; freedom of expression and religion; the right to protest; the right to participate in elections and vote; and the right to access public services.