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197 Making Taiwanese count in the US Taipei Times Editorial 133
198 HK protest tactics may be needed in Taiwan Paul Lin 林保華 139
199 With China, let Trump be Reagan Joseph Bosco 147
200 Taiwan is drowning in a flood of falsehoods Janet Hung 洪湘斐 123
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Demonstrators dressed in Taoist costumes march yesterday during a protest against nuclear power in Taipei.
Photo: Edward Lau / Reuters

Thousands of anti-nuclear protesters shouted “I am Taiwanese, I am against nuclear power” yesterday as they marched through downtown Taipei to call for an end to nuclear power in Taiwan on the eve of the anniversary of President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) second inauguration.

“We are extremely disappointed that the government has no regard for the threat that nuclear power poses to human life,” said Kao Cheng-yan (高成炎), a former chairman of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, which organized the march. “We believe that there is only one Taiwan, that people’s lives are invaluable and that there are other viable energy resource options.”