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Home Editorials of Interest Taipei Times Many to blame for Ko Wen-je’s rise

Many to blame for Ko Wen-je’s rise

Everyone knows a leopard cannot change its spots. Why do people forget this when it comes to politics? It seems that humans have a terrible memory.

By nature, we are willing to turn a blind eye and sacrifice morality for personal gain, determined to win, by means fair or foul. In the end, all we achieve is a temporary victory, having lost sight of what really matters. Our nation and the next generation are being placed in jeopardy for the sake of getting what we want.

Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Chairman Ko Wen-je (柯文哲), its presidential candidate, consistently spouts nonsense and lies and, after entering politics, has continued to use discriminatory language. All of this displays his ignorance. His statements have garnered much attention, but also polluted our politics. His words conjure up the feeling of some bizarre creature, shocking and frightening. People are mesmerized by everything that comes out of his mouth and forget what they have known him to be.

As a surgeon, Ko was accused of live organ harvesting and crimes against humanity, which should have tipped us off that he was someone to be avoided. It has been a decade since Ko first ran for Taipei mayor. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the media and pundits still respect, embrace and collaborate with him. Why?

Out of political and personal need, hypocrites have chosen to ignore public welfare and justice. They are all complicit in endangering our nation.

The DPP, helping Ko win the 2014 local election and Taipei mayoral election, was the trigger, and for that it must take responsibility.

The KMT, now seeking an alliance with the TPP, is still willing to indulge this serial fabricator. The KMT should take a long, hard look at what it is about to do, and yet it seems hell-bent on doing just the opposite.

Few people in the media have publicly repented for the mistakes that have led us to this sorry impasse. Politicians, always on the lookout for their own personal benefit and sacrificing the good of the public, would be loath to accept responsibility or apologize for spawning this creature.

Taiwanese should consider their national dignity. Politicians and voters should not focus on short-term benefits. They should learn lessons from how they voluntarily or subconsciously engage in the invention of a political monster. It is high time that Ko be disqualified from interfering in political affairs. This is the most that we could hope to salvage from this litany of errors, just as garbage becomes valuable only after it is recycled and reused.


Ten Len-phone is a retired radio program host.

Translated by Hsieh Yi-ching

Source: Taipei Times - Editorials 2023/11/04

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The Executive Yuan’s Referendum Review Committee on Thursday night voted 12-4 against an opposition-supported referendum proposal asking voters whether they agreed that the government should sign an ECFA with China. The committee said the question did not fall under what was allowed under the Referendum Act (公民投票法).