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121 Trump should set China straight Joseph Bosco 93
122 PRC’s stance unchanged by election Taipei Times Editorial 84
123 The youth can decide their future Huang Yu-zhe 黃于哲 238
124 Possible interference exposed Taipei Times Editorial 94
125 KMT’s ‘green terror’ is a fantasy Shih Ming-hsiung 施明雄 88
126 Claiming equality as a normal state Peng Ming-min 彭明敏 100
127 Facing up to Beijing’s arrogance, ignorance Ted Yoho 95
128 Taiwan, US in sync against China Joseph Bosco 88
129 Using freedom to destroy freedom Lee Hsiao-Feng 李筱峰 78
130 Potter King incident exposes China Gao Jian-ying 高見潁 94
131 Election tour showcases democracy Taipei Times Editorial 93
132 Beware trap of opinion polls aimed at policies Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄 98
133 Cross-party, democratic renewal Ian Inkster 音雅恩 120
134 Han, Wu are the last two straws for the KMT Ling Po-chih 凌博志 103
135 Beijing fueling anti-China sentiment Taipei Times Editorial 112
136 Chinese product boycott necessary Taipei Times Editorial 115
137 Admit the past, KMT, and move on Jerome Keating 106
138 Tired of KMT’s moronic stunts Taipei Times Editorial 120
139 Reclaiming ‘one China’ narrative Dai Kee Liu 98
140 Polls are not Han’s concern; it is money Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄 107
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Police escort students protesting adjustments to high-school curriculum guidelines outside the Ministry of Education in Taipei Friday night.
Photo: Chien Jung-fong, Taipei Times

The Ministry of Education yesterday announced new security measures following a third intrusion late on Friday night by students protesting adjustments to high-school curriculum guidelines.

Rows of 3m-tall iron barricades were put up around the ministry and the nearby K-12 Education Administration building late on Friday night, replacing barbed wire within the ministry’s short perimeter fence.