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Jerome F. Keating's writings

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181 The hidden face of Taiwan politics Jerome Keating 738
182 Hsu Hsin-liang, a Man for All Junkets Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1009
183 Three Cheers for Canada: as the World Turns Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 867
184 What Arrogant Darkness Still Remains in the Hearts of Many KMT? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 922
185 Alive and well? Look again Jerome Keating 663
186 Taichung as the World Turns: Who will Take the Blame for Hu? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 865
187 Ma Ying-jeou's Leadership by Platitudes, Confucius and the MOE Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 905
188 Western Naivete, Taiwan and China's Continuous Manipulation of Confucianism Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1043
189 Another Slap in the Face for Taiwan under Ma Ying-joke Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 910
190 Taiwanese Karma or China's Discarding Those It No Longer Needs? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 969
191 Ho Hum, Another Insult to Taiwan, Thanks to Ma Ying-joke Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 856
192 Creole, Syncretic or Hybrid? Taiwan, Understanding an Identity in Process, Part II Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1310
193 Taiwan, Understanding an Identity in Process, Part I Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 878
194 Taiwanese identity arises from unique past Jerome Keating 647
195 Taiwan as the World Turns: the KMT and Gangsters, a Past that Won't Go Away Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 888
196 It is Time to Rid Taiwan or the Many Vestiges of the KMT's One Party State Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 870
197 KMT Government Still Out of Step with Policies: What Does it Tell Us? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 853
198 Taiwan: Men without Jobs and Other Stories Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 968
199 Not all 100 years warrant revelry Jerome Keating 592
200 Taiwan and the 2011 Centennial: 100 years of What? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1843
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President Ma Ying-jeou should rein in Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) members who are spreading racist and gender-biased propaganda in a bid to snatch votes for the year-end local elections and support for a controversial trade pact with China, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said yesterday.

Acting DPP Spokesman Chao Tian-ling said at a press conference that the KMT’s Chiayi County branch has been running a “questionable, negative advertisement” insinuating that the DPP nominee in the county commissioner’s race, Chang Hwa-kuan, was involved in adulterous relations with the current commissioner, Chen Ming-wen.