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Jerome F. Keating's writings

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161 Tales of the Bandits Taiwan-style, the KMT and PFP Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 913
162 US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Verges on Being a "Useful Idiot" Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 945
163 VP Vincent Siew Bows Out, Saving Face for Himself, the KMT and Ma Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 993
164 What Made Nan Fang Shuo Change? Ma's Lack of Core Values? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1085
165 Another Product of the US Naval War College or What? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 830
166 KMT Corruption Still Evident; How Deep are the Police Involved in it? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1018
167 Kevin Rudd and his China fallacies Jerome Keating 597
168 How Long Must Taiwan Reap What Others Sow? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 865
169 Ma Ying-jeou, the Puppet of Beijing Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 937
170 Ma Continues the KMT Belittling of Taiwan's Aborigines Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1014
171 Taichung, Jason 'Good-Time'Charlie' Hu Dodges One Impeachment Bullet So Far Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1012
172 Taiwan, the Ma Government Wants the Media to Serve it Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 957
173 Ma’s overkill response akin to CCP Jerome Keating 589
174 Is the Ma Government Blowing Smoke to Cover its Tracks? Part III Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 959
175 Is the Ma Government Blowing Smoke to Cover its Tracks? Part II Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1068
176 Is the Ma Government Blowing Smoke to Cover its Tracks? What is it Hiding? Part 1 Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 968
177 Taiwan: Lies, Lies, Who is Telling the Lies? China News Agency? Joe Hung? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1519
178 The Ma Government Continues to Try to Return Taiwan to the One-party State Days of the KMT Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 972
179 Scholars Once Again Question the Ma Government on its Anti-Democratic Abuse of Power Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1131
180 Ma Wants to be Seen as President, but He Really Does Not Want to be Responsible for Anything Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 894
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Independent presidential candidate Ellen Huang (黃越綏) said yesterday that the indictment of former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) over embezzlement of public funds was aimed at attacking Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文).

“The most pathetic thing about Lee’s indictment was political intervention through the judiciary, making it a political tool to blow away [the ruling party’s] political rivals,” Huang said during a -gathering with netizens in Taipei yesterday evening.

Huang said that Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Chiu Yi (邱毅) recently said the charge against Lee would point to Tsai’s involvement in an “816 project” under the secret diplomacy funds from which Lee allegedly embezzled. The 816 project was part of the Mingteh Project (明德專案) focusing on secret diplomacy with the US and Japan. Chiu alleged that Tsai received NT$2.62 million (US$91,147) from the 816 project and passed the money to Yang Chih-heng (楊志恆), who Chiu said was involved in the money-laundering charge against Lee.