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Jerome F. Keating's writings

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121 Taiwan can’t afford Ma’s inaction Jerome Keating 631
122 "The Mapping of Taiwan, Desired Economies, Coveted Geographies" Completes Taiwan Tetralogy Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1446
123 Why Taiwan Cannot Afford to Waste Another Four Years on Ma Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1081
124 The United States Once Again Meddles in Taiwan's Democratic Elections Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1125
125 Taiwan's 2012 Legislative Yuan Will be Totally Different Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1308
126 Why Does Taiwan's Ma Ying-jeou Not Want to End China's Civil War? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 949
127 No Progress in Anti-Corruption Under Ma Ying-jeou. Diane Lee's Case Contributes? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 971
128 Smoke and stagnation under Ma Jerome Keating 588
129 Taiwan as the World Turns: the Three Pigs and the KMT Dominated Control Yuan, Pettiness at its Best. Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 882
130 "Dump Ma to Save Taiwan," Why These Words Are Gaining Momentum I Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1180
131 Taiwan, Once Again the Nation Depends on its Citizens and not its President Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1194
132 Taiwan's Ma Ying-jeou, When Apologies Are Not Enough Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1030
133 The Political Mandate That Never Was, Taiwan Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 877
134 Taiwan's Indigenes Plan a Symbolic "Mgaya" Headhunt on the ROC Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1251
135 Foil to Ma: The Unexpected Role of Taiwan's James Soong Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 974
136 Western Misreading of Diaspora and Taiwanese Identity in the Taiwan Strait Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1174
137 Taiwan is the First Taiwanese Democracy Not the First Chinese Democracy Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1119
138 A Taiwanese democracy Jerome Keating 569
139 Tsai not the one who needs a reality check Jerome Keating 609
140 So Who Needs a Reality Check on Clarity, Taiwan and China? Jerome F. Keating Ph.D. 1032
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Former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) was moved yesterday from a detention center to a nearby penitentiary to formally begin serving his sentence after the Supreme Court upheld his conviction on wide-ranging graft charges.

The transfer followed a decision last month by the Supreme Court to uphold Chen’s convictions in two high-profile bribery cases involving a land deal in Longtan (龍潭), Taoyuan County, and the appointment of a chairwoman to the company that manages the Taipei 101 building.