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Diaxde Volunteers

Goddess of Spring and Love

Who is that calling from the depths of the forest? 
In the lonely silence of the dawn,
Like the exuberant voice of a silver bell;
Calling whom? 
Oh!  Goddess of Love! 
Goddess of Spring and Love.


Sell Your Taiwanese Stocks!

Upon seeing Crystal Hsu’s business reporting on Taipei Times yesterday (July 2nd, 2009), something alerted me greatly.

I have been following stock markets since my days as an undergrad.  That’s more than 15 years ago.  And I don’t remember seeing the Taiwan’s broad stock market index averaging a p/e (price to earnings) ratio over 40 times.  According to Hsu’s report, Kevin Hsiao, the head of UBS Wealth Management Research Taiwan, had pointed out that that p/e ratio is the highest among all four “small dragons” of Southeast Asia.  Another observation on Hsaio’s data is that Taiwan’s p/e ratio is more than twice as large comparing against all the other three small dragons (Hong Kong 18.2x, South Korea 14.7x, Singapore 15.5x) and China (14.3x) and India (16.6).  Amazing.


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Participants in a protest against the cross-strait service trade agreement and closed-door dealings in the legislature perform a skit on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Chien Jung-fong, Taipei Times

Without a mechanism to regulate cross-strait negotiation and safeguard local industries, the livelihoods of millions of Taiwanese will be at stake if the government pushes the cross-strait service trade agreement between Taiwan and China through the legislature, hundreds of protesters said yesterday.

“If [the pact] is not screened clause-by-clause, we’ll fight to the very end,” Chen Chih-ming (陳志銘), president of the Kaohsiung Federation of Labor Unions, told protesters, who braved low temperatures and wind to gather in front of the Presidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei.