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Diaxde Volunteers

Making Statements, Making Histories

The history of the Olympic Games is full of boycotts.  To call such actions “politicizing” the Games may not be fully accurate.  We at Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation and Taiwan February 28th Movement Net Radio would like to point out that many of these boycotts are justified.  They were carried out in order to make a statement about democracy and equality.  The ancient Greeks, who conceived the Olympics and who were also pioneers of democracy and democratic ideology, might actually be proud of such actions!


The Danger of Paxism

During the Roman Empire, the Romans came up with a Latin word: “Pax.”  On-line dictionary defines this vocabulary as:


1.      (Ecclesiastical in bible) Kiss of peace.

2.      (with initial capital letter) A period in history marked by the absence of major wars, usually imposed by a pre-dominant nation.


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The administration of US President Barack Obama began the long process of briefing the US Congress on Friday about a new arms sales package for Taiwan that does not include desperately needed F-16C/Ds, sources said.

It is not clear exactly what is included — one source said it amounted to US$4.2 billion worth of materiel — but almost certainly does contain upgrades for the existing fleet of aging F-16A/Bs.

No official announcement has been made, but the full arms package is likely to become public next week when the White House formally sends it to Capitol Hill.