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Please Come under the Sunlight

The sun is a great energy source, as well as a great illumination source.  It not only gives our plants the ingredients for growth, but also makes us see things clearly.  That is, to see clearly the difference between good and evil; right and wrong.  Therefore, we find it sad that the whole world is currently mesmerized with articles the like of Lijia Zhang’s “Stop Criticizing China – They’ve Come So Far” (scroll down to the bottom, the last of three articles).  The abundance of China-praising and back-patting articles like these are clouding out sunlight.  I wonder if this anything to do with, just to be facetious, Xinjiang’s August 1st total solar eclipse…


Despite of her praises for Chinese economy, Zhang still admits the truths: that the Chinese regime is an “undemocratic political system” and its “lack of transparency” still makes the West, and possibly the whole world, uneasy.  We, at Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation, like to point out that China’s recent economic achievements are likely built upon shaky ground.  CNN’s Kevin Voigt has reported, in China’s Task: Avoid post-Olympics slowdown, that “The seven-year run-up to the Olympics has seen China’s white-hot economy chug along at more than 10 percent growth every year.  Investment for infrastructure for the games is somewhere near US$40 billion.”  That’s more than China’s annual national healthcare expenditure and annual national education expenditure combined! 


Once the passion for Beijing Olympics is gone, or shall we say the Olympics bubble popped, China’s facelift may not be “so beautiful, clean, and quiet.”  The truth is, the Olympic is nothing more than an artificial, one-time facelift.  History tells us so.  HSBC’s analysts researched every Summer Olympics game since the end of World War II and concluded that every game’s host nation have seen their economic growth rate after the game dropped below the global average.  Compounding the fact that the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party’s widespread corruption and lack of transparency, we question how far China had really come.


Darkness fears sunlight, not vice versa.  The West’s ignorance is not so much about Western people or even Western children’s lack of knowledge about China.  It may very well be the communist regime’s lack of transparency.  A quick, superficial fixes, such as putting up a nice outlook for the Olympics game, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube notwithstanding, has the unfortunate consequences of mesmerizing the whole world.  Once the ugly realities surfaced, the truth becomes globally shocking, thereby making the deceptive regime doubly untrustworthy among the populace of the free world.  Hence, the non-transparency of an authoritarian regime is the main reason for the West’s “ignorance,” or so called by Zhang, about China.  The free world simply does not trust China.


Let’s examine a now safely-buried communist regime to illuminate on the present day China.  That regime is East Germany.  With a population of only 17 million, the German Democratic Republic (GDR) won a total of 409 medals in five summer Olympics games.  After the fall of the Soviet Union in the early nineties, truths came to light.  This hideous former communist and totalitarian regime systematically carried out a secret state-sponsored doping program.  Unbeknownst to GDR Olympic athletes, they were administered steroids and other performance enhancing drugs but were told what they had taken are just vitamins.  The drugs artificially propelled many athletes to Olympic medals…with horrible health consequences many years later.


One female Olympian has taken so much male hormones that she has to undergo a sex change to become a man, in order to live normally.  Another athlete, at age of 41, is suffering constant pain all over her body and was told by doctors that her bones are like those of 80-year old.  The most despicable action of all: Piles of records were destroyed in 1990 during the chaos at the end of GDR, as trainers and doctors attempt to avoid being prosecuted. 


Below the mesmerizing surface of economic development, there may very well be a dark side of China.  The darkness is so thick that the world has difficulty in clearly seeing through its obscurity, though most outsiders do have a sense of uneasiness.  In the future, and possibly in the near future, many of the ugly truths about the Chinese Communist Party will reveal themselves.  We, at Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation, will always play the role of sunlight – to keep on illuminating the truths.  Our symbol, which all of our fellow cultivators cherish very much, is an yellow, solid circle at the center, circumvented by red border, with ten red spokes extending outward from the red circumference:


Tati's Logo

 We name our symbol: the Heart of Sun.  We ask you to join us with the Heart of Sun – to illuminate the world and to reveal truths and justices.  Please write to us to reveal the Chinese regime’s true nature.  Please join our fight for a free and peaceful world by becoming a fellow cultivator.  Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Members of the Rescue Lee Ming-che Team and others hold up ribbons a news conference in Taipei yesterday calling on the public not to forget about Lee and urging the Chinese authorities to release him.
Photo: Liu Hsin-de, Taipei Times

Human rights groups and lawmakers yesterday demanded China immediately release imprisoned rights advocate Lee Ming-che (李明哲), as they marked the third anniversary of his detention in Guangdong Province.