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Healthcare workers denied fair pay

If ever there was a time when a country should come to appreciate the value of having a functional (semi) universal national healthcare service, it would be during a pandemic.

Despite there being glaring and unacceptable gaps in Taiwan’s health insurance and healthcare systems, which often have detrimental effects on unemployed people and those with severe illnesses who cannot afford necessary treatment, even with a government discount, most Taiwanese are the beneficiaries of a high-quality and relatively cheap service that has worked tirelessly to ensure that COVID-19 has not spread unchecked around the country.


Taiwan opens ‘de facto’ embassy in Lithuania

Appointed Representative to Lithuania Eric Huang, third right, and colleagues pose yesterday in front of the plaque of the newly established Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania.
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Yesterday, Taiwan opened a de facto embassy in Lithuania.

“The Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania officially commences its operations in Vilnius on Nov. 18, 2021. This blessed opening will charter a new and promising course for bilateral relations between Taiwan and Lithuania,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement yesterday.


Recognizing Taiwan’s true status

The Christmas holiday season is approaching, but a different season is already here. It is the season where the nations of the world are getting “woke” on a macro and a micro level.

The macro side of getting “woke” is seen in the growing awareness of how all humans, regardless of race, creed or politics, are globally interconnected and endangered. This reality continues to call for the needed paradigm shift from a global village to a global home where planet Earth is recognized as home and all are family. In effect, what happens in one room of the house can and does affect the whole house. No nation, region or people will escape.


Biden clarifies use of ‘independent’

US President Joe Biden crosses the White House’s South Lawn before boarding Marine One in Washington on Tuesday.
Photo: Bloomberg

The US is not encouraging Taiwanese independence — it is up to Taiwan to decide, US President Joe Biden said late on Tuesday after generating confusion with a comment suggesting that Taiwan is “independent.”


Europe seems to have had enough

Resentment against China is growing not just in the US and Australia, but also increasingly in Europe, where leaders are showing signs of intense frustration over Beijing’s dictates on what is acceptable regarding its “one China” principle and, by default, on the Taiwan issue.

Europeans no longer hide their “had enough” feelings about Beijing’s attempts to influence their dealings with Taiwan.

Europe also feels emboldened by expressions of solidarity with Taiwan from US and Australian politicians, the latest statement being by Australian Minister of Defence Peter Dutton that it would be “inconceivable” for Australia not to join the US if Washington took action to defend Taiwan.


US visit to support defense, ties: Cornyn

A US congressional delegation led by US Senator John Cornyn, 11th left, American Institute in Taiwan Director Sandra Oudkirk, 10th left, and other officials pose for a photograph during a visit to the Presidential Office on Sunday to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen, center.
Photo: CNA

A US congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan last week was aimed at learning how Washington can help support Taipei’s defense capabilities and to discuss ways to boost bilateral trade ties, US Senator John Cornyn said on Sunday.

Cornyn, who led the all-Republican delegation, said in a news release that the group had returned to the US on Sunday after concluding an Indo-Pacific trip in the past few days that took it to Taiwan, the Philippines and India “to strengthen ties with critical allies and partners to counter Chinese aggression.”

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Chang Chao-yi, widow of the late minister of justice Chen Ding-nan, speaks at the official opening of the Chen Ding-nan Memorial Park in Yilan County on Saturday. The opening coincided with the fifth anniversary of Chen’s death.

Photo: Yang Yi-min, Taipei Times

A memorial park in honor of late minister of justice Chen Ding-nan (陳定南) opened in Yilan County on Saturday, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of his passing.

Chen, of the Democratic Progressive Party, died of lung cancer in November 2006. He was known as “Mr Clean” because of his dedication to fighting corruption during his political career, which began with his election as Yilan County commissioner in 1981.