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New Book Warns of Chinese Regime's Objective of Unifying Taiwan

A number of senior Chinese officials have visited Taiwan in recent weeks, as relations ease between the two sides. But according to his new book, titled "Taiwan Grand State Strategies”, Chinese law professor in exile, Yuan Hongbing says high-level visits like these may be harming the interests of Taiwan.

[Yuan Hongbing, Author of “Taiwan Grand State Strategies”]:
“These high ranking communist officials are in fact a commando team that visits Taiwan with the intent to unify it, and to desecrate its free and democratic system.”

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Seeing The 228's Sunlight

On Februray 28th 2010, we, @-Bian Custers, gathered together with the yearning of the heart.

Memorial ...
Set a pledge ...
And be brave to ...
Because ...

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The USS Mustin of the US Seventh Fleet sails southward through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday.
Photo: Screen grab from Facebook

The Ministry of National Defense and the US Seventh Fleet yesterday confirmed that the USS Mustin sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday, while a Twitter page that frequently shares military movements said that a US Army Bombardier Challenger 650 passed through Taiwan’s eastern airspace.