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New Book Warns of Chinese Regime's Objective of Unifying Taiwan

A number of senior Chinese officials have visited Taiwan in recent weeks, as relations ease between the two sides. But according to his new book, titled "Taiwan Grand State Strategies”, Chinese law professor in exile, Yuan Hongbing says high-level visits like these may be harming the interests of Taiwan.

[Yuan Hongbing, Author of “Taiwan Grand State Strategies”]:
“These high ranking communist officials are in fact a commando team that visits Taiwan with the intent to unify it, and to desecrate its free and democratic system.”

Taiwan and mainland China have been ruled separately since 1949, after the Nationalist Kuomintang Party, or KMT, lost a civil war to the Chinese Communist Party and retreated to Taiwan. Since then the Chinese regime has been regarding Taiwan as its territory and intends to unify the island with the Mainland.

In 2008 Taiwan’s ruling KMT reclaimed power from the pro-independent Democratic Progressive Party, easing tensions across the Strait.

In June, Taiwan and the Chinese regime signed a historical trade deal. Afterwards, a number of high-ranking communist officials visited the island. This week, the Deputy Governor of Shaanxi Province and the Director of the Chinese Administration of Religious Affairs are touring Taiwan for talks about trade and cultural exchange.

Yuan says these developments are part of the Chinese regime’s “unrestricted warfare”.

[Yuan Hongbing, Author of ‘Taiwan Grand State Strategies’]:
“The Chinese Communist Party has this concept of unrestricted warfare. This means that the concept of war is no longer limited to military actions. It includes politics, economics, culture and religion, and the regime uses these tactically to impose its political and economic interest on Taiwan.”

Yuan says Taiwanese officials need to be wary of the Chinese regime’s intents.

[Yuan Hongbing, Author of “Taiwan Grand State Strategies”]:
“The Taiwanese government should have enough caution. It should become the protective shield for Taiwan’s freedom, instead of an ally for the Chinese regime in its goal of taking over Taiwan.”

According to Yuan, the Chinese regime formed a “Taiwan Election Work Leader Committee” in March this year, headed by state-leader Hu Jintao. He says the committee wants to use its control of political, social and media resources to make sure the KMT stays in power in Taiwan’s 2012 general elections.

In his previous book, “Taiwan Disaster”, Yuan states that the Chinese regime plans to unify Taiwan by the year 2012.


Source: NTD Television

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 February 2023 14:40 )  


A diabolo instructor, Lu Chi-hsien (魯紀賢), and four retired military personnel were yesterday detained after a court hearing on suspicion of forming a spy network for China.

The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office, along with the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) and New Taipei City police, on Wednesday conducted 25 searches, including six at military units, questioned seven suspects and interviewed 11 witnesses.

The five are suspected of “contacting, enticing and recruiting” military personnel from April last year to obtain military intelligence in contravention of the National Security Act (國家安全法), Taipei Deputy Head Prosecutor Tsai Wei-yi (蔡偉逸) said.