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Invitation: 228 Memorial and Bian Casters Gathering on Feb. 28th

"2-28 Day" is a memorial holiday to commemorate the selfless dedication of 228 elites. The inspiration of 228 is just as the flowers bloom in the hearts of freedom. It's the cornerstone, founding spirit for the people of Taiwan to build a new, democratic country.

Let us stand before the Holy Mountain 228 monuments on the date of Feb. 28th, commemorate the Taiwanese Divinities, the founding belief. May God and Taiwanese Divinities with you at this moment.

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Proud of being called "Bian Casters"

We are a group of A-bian's supporters, and are proud of being called "Bian Casters" with the following concensuses:

1. Against one China policy, and resist to unify with China. Taiwan and China are two separated independent countries.
2. Advocate the "No Unification with China" referendum and the cohesion of Taiwan's internal unity.

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Two leading US academics — both with strong ties to Taiwan — have condemned the treatment of former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and called for the case to be handled fairly.

Arthur Waldron, a professor of international relations at the University of Pennsylvania, said he was “shocked” by “the stench of vindictiveness” associated with Chen’s trial.