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CKS memorial restored amid low-level protests

A protester holds a placard outside police barricades as workers put back a sign reading ‘‘Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’’ at the landmark in Taipei yesterday.

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government yesterday restored dictator Chiang Kai-shek’s name to National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall in Taipei, reversing a move two years ago by the then-­Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration to remove relics of authoritarianism.

The replacement of the plaque began at about 8:10am after some 300 police officers secured the hall with barricades overnight and put up an official document stating that the hall would be closed for 24 hours for “official business.”

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Savvy Web surfers catch Ma in online flagrante delicto

A spoof of the poster for the movie Back To The Future features President Ma Ying-jeou and Vice President Vincent Siew as the two main characters. The poster was made by an Internet user to ridicule Ma after it was found that he had pre-recorded his online videos scheduled for the next two Saturdays.

Internet users made fun of President Ma Ying-jeou yesterday after discovering “futuristic” online videos prerecorded by the Presidential Office.

An Internet user named Xdite wrote on the popular Web forum PTT that if users substituted the Web Site address of Ma’s weekly video for the dates July 25 and Aug. 1, viewers could watch in advance Ma’s online videos scheduled for the next two Saturdays.

The two videos were circulated among pan-green Plurkers before being removed yesterday.

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DHARAMSHALA, August, 11: Pakistan deported five ethnic Uyghur immigrants back to China on Tuesday amidst fear that they will face harsh punishment upon return.

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported that five “Chinese citizens” who were “blindfolded and handcuffed” were flown off to Urmuqi, the capital of East Turkestan.

"The deportation of Uyghurs are common nowadays, but it is very rare to be exposed to the media," said Omer Khan, founder of the Omer Uyghur Foundation in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.