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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

Chapter 1: Retribution


Comeuppance and fortune are truly classless.  Everyone self-invites it.  Retribution from good and evil is like one’s shadow; closely follows oneself.  The martyrdom of the February 28th Movement, conforms to present day Taiwan’s unending karmic comeuppance.  In between Heaven and Earth, there are divine entities that officially watch over our sins.  According to the sins and wrongs that we have committed, They quantify the situation and take the accounting, penalizing with poverty and exhaustion, or encounters of upsets and obstacles.  The coming of punishment and comeuppance, even for the major dignitaries and seriously rich, is unavoidable by none.  Eventually, the accounting of one’s sins will dry up one’s good fortunes, ceaselessly until death and beyond.  We, the Taiwanese Spirits, serving Heaven’s clear Order, and taking Heaven’s Mandate for Divine Intervention, shall have Our Actions realized.


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Tears, memories, pictures, butter lamps, written messages and a video clip, friends of the Dalai Lama’s 45-year-old nephew Jigme Norbu — who was killed in a traffic accident during his latest “Walk for Tibet” campaign in Florida on Monday — gathered in Taipei to remember him.

“I learned about the news that Jigme Norbu was launching a ‘Walk for Tibet’ in Taiwan on Dec. 9 [last year]. I signed up to join him on the walk and departed the next morning,” said Huang Shu-chiao (黃淑嬌), who accompanied Jigme all the way on his 407km walk from Taipei to Kaohsiung over 13 days.