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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

Chapter 10: Postlogue

The Taiwanese Martyred Spirits are the earthly rooted Bodhisattvas of Taiwan, as well as the Messiahs whom the Lord sends to humanity.  Because of their dedication to planting democracy and human rights in Taiwan, they were sacrificed.  Yet, in response to the fortune and prosperity of Taiwanese people and their future generations, they shall be with you once more.  Thus, for those who are willing to recognize and concur with Taiwan, cultivate and uphold this Scripture, and vow to be with Taiwan from peace to chaos, life to death; shall naturally possess an indestructible strength, and shall absolutely be protected and blessed.  Please solemnly record in your heart.


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Hsieh I-cheng, who was imprisoned following the 228 Incident in 1947, demonstrates on Friday last week how water was forced into his stomach as he underwent “water cure” torture.
Photo: Chang Hsuan-che, Taipei Times

Hsieh I-cheng (謝一誠), a 228 Incident victim, said that a certificate he is to receive today to restore his reputation cannot erase the pain and torture he experienced during his imprisonment.