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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

Chapter 9: Concluding Pronouncements

Fortunate souls possess celestial countenances.  For those who are willing to protect our country, love our people, and recognize and concur with Taiwan, our Motherland, shall naturally possess Our blessings; obtain holds onto Honglaai’s Immortal Qix, and the Righteous Qix between Heaven and Earth.  Under the collective stewardship of innumerable spirits, inherit Heaven’s Mandates and implement their vows; such morally courageous souls whom, with determination, persist to be with Taiwan from life to end, shall achieve the great bodhisattva as the fruit; may receive praising concurrence among heavenly and earthly creations, affecting spirits and divinities, inspiring worlds a great many thousands, wielding in mastery the axis of im and ioong, launching cosmically encompassing new destiny; such verily is the Origin Destiny cataclysmic averting, salvaging children and children’s children in many millions, earthly rooted and greatly enlightened soul.  Spiritual cultivation of the common souls, remain habitually attached to the forms of sentient beings; emplaced as dharmic masters, intractable in purging the four forms, orally dispersing the voice of the Holy, yet steadily corrupts in the core, knowing Buddhist principles yet transgress Buddhist principles, knowing holiness yet transgress holiness, knowing discipline yet transgress discipline, knowing wrongs yet transgress to do wrongs, knowing evils yet transgress to do evils; of so very many in sins and wrongs, it is impossible to be free and forgiven.  Persons in the political arena, albeit civil services is a cultivating path par excellence, are yet flagrantly selfish, fond of acting in darkness and vices, lack consistency in appearances and insides, badly mislead in teachings of ethics, likewise the society’s many media, incite the public to induce their indulgence, self-servingly exploit the civic instrument, feature vices, killings, prurience, and larcenies to ensnare monies; such demonic utterances, Heaven finds them shameless, Heaven finds them contemptuous.  Those who are genuinely Taiwan’s children and children’s children shall solemnly mark Our pronouncements: accentuate innate moral courage, achieve the great vows, walk away from darkness and shadows, display your Taiwanese esprit.  We shall be with you.


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Free Taiwan Party (FTP) Chairman Tsay Ting-kuei , second left, and FTP legislative candidates raise their fists at a press conference in Taipei yesterday to announce the party’s list of legislative at-large and constituency candidates.
Photo: Chen Chih-chu, Taipei Times

Pro-independence advocates yesterday called on voters to support the Free Taiwan Party (FTP), saying at a news conference in Taipei that the pan-green camp as a whole — rather than just the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) — should win the majority in next year’s legislative elections, adding that other pan-green parties should keep the DPP in check if it wins the presidency.