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161 Culprits behind 228 must be named Taipei Times Editorial 111
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169 Cards are falling in Taiwan’s favor Huang Tien-lin 黃天麟 90
170 Power play points to tensions ahead Andrew Hammond 72
171 In support of a Taiwan-Japan FTA Guo Kuo-hsing 郭國興 91
172 Despots, empires: China and the US William R. Stimson 108
173 US-China row and Taiwan’s choice Parris Chang 張旭成 161
174 Pension reform needs to be swift Paul Lin 林保華 153
175 If the US is ‘first,’ what is Taiwan? Taipei Times Editorial 101
176 No one wins without change Taipei Times Editorial 106
177 Trump-China: The first 100 days Andrew Hammond 114
178 Spouting Chinese propaganda Taipei Times Editorial 132
179 Establishing a new ‘modus vivendi’ Edward Chen 陳一新 143
180 Burden of security as pro-China tactics rise Administrator 141
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US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, has warned China not to interfere in Taiwan’s presidential election and promised to support Taiwan’s democracy in every way she can.

In a wide ranging speech -delivered in Los Angeles on Saturday, Ros-Lehtinen called on US President Barack Obama to sell F-16C/D aircraft to Taipei and to work to improve relations with Taiwan.

“Taiwan remains a great beacon of democracy in East Asia and an important strategic ally in a key region of the world,” she said.