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21 Chinese equipment not to be trusted Taipei Times Editorial 43
22 ICAO threatens Strait’s ‘status quo’ Peter Chen 陳正義 47
23 Beijing’s incremental moves must be countered Chen Chia-lin 陳嘉霖 38
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25 US’ flag removal points at real shift Taipei Times Editorial 44
26 Taiwan must focus on ‘hard power’ Liberty Times Editorial 45
27 Is it a question of law, or of judges? Wu Ching-chin 吳景欽 45
28 Control Yuan could help repair trust Taipei Times Editorial 51
29 KMT is still a danger to democracy Liberty Times Editorial 46
30 Government should stop firms selling out Taiwan Chang Kuo-tsai 張國財 49
31 World conflict, peace and Taiwan Jerome Keating 47
32 Chiang’s memory is not worth dwelling on Lin Shiou-jeng 林修正 48
33 Brandishing a double-edged sword John Lim 林泉忠 58
34 Workers need power to negotiate Taipei Times Editorial 53
35 Tsai must defend nation’s integrity Taipei Times Editorial 48
36 Ian Easton On Taiwan: Defusing a cross-strait time bomb Ian Easton 52
37 A lesson in what White Terror was Shih Ming-hsiung 施明雄 66
38 New year’s wishes demand action Taipei Times 53
39 Counterbalancing Chinese leverage Sushil Seth 47
40 Let Taiwan finally just be Taiwan Jerome Keating 65
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A Ministry of Education circular describing Nanjing as the Republic of China’s capital and Taipei as the current seat of its central government is shown in a photo posted on Facebook yesterday by National Taipei University of Education professor Lee Hsiao-feng.
Photo downloaded from Lee Hsiao-feng’s Facebook page

A government document ordering schools’ procurement of teaching materials that mark Nanjing as the capital of the Republic of China (ROC) and Taipei as the current location of the central government indicated President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) administration’s persistent attempts to promote the links between Taiwan and China, as well as the administration’s misinterpretation of the Constitution, lawmakers and academics said yesterday.

A photograph posted by National Taipei University of Education professor Lee Hsiao-feng (李筱峰) on Facebook yesterday, which showed a Ministry of Education document issued on Monday to schools nationwide, went viral on the Internet.