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41 Ruling raises questions of motive Ling Po-chih 凌博志 43
42 A different political era Taipei Times Editorial 42
43 Japan’s surrendering of Taiwan Sim Kiantek 沈建德 39
44 Anthem ‘national’ in name only Lee Hsiao-feng 李筱峰 38
45 Democracy, presidents and Taiwan Jerome Keating 53
46 The US rebalances its relations Taipei Times 63
47 Taiwan, democracy and defense David Brown 73
48 Independence camp making gains Taipei Times Editorial 72
49 Xi’s ‘dream’ has no place in Taiwan Taipei Times Editorial 64
50 Referendum better than drawn-out protests Chang Kuo-tsai 張國財 40
51 Taiwan pays price of Ma’s actions Liberty Times Editorial 44
52 The ROC represents a ‘hybrid’ stage Paul Lin 林保華 42
53 Hong Kong’s freedoms leaking away Taipei Times Editorial 41
54 Issue of choosing a flag for Taiwan Chen Fang-ming 陳芳明 42
55 Nation’s name manifests sovereignty Taipei Times Editorial 44
56 More independence word games Taipei Times Editorial 58
57 Personal opinion and party lines Taipei Times Editorial 77
58 Pardon for Chen, peace for Taiwan Hsu Wun-pin 許文彬 56
59 On guard against ‘united front’ Taipei Times Editorial 65
60 The historical narrative comes first Taipei Times Editorial 48
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A Patriot II missile is fired during a live fire exercise by the military in an undated file photo.
Photo: File Photo

The air force yesterday said it had successfully intercepted a Sky Bow II (Tien Kung II) missile, using a Patriot II missile, during a test in the morning.