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41 Taiwan needs to develop its own culture Lee Min-yung 李敏勇 52
42 Seeing past China’s ‘rogue-like’ behavior Paul Lin 林保華 52
43 Arrests not harbinger of White Terror Taipei Times Editorial 64
44 Make files blocked by Ma public Chen Yu-chi 陳昱齊 49
45 Chiang still rules our subconscious Chang Kuo-tsai 張國財 93
46 Ma Ying-jeou the Trojan horse Taipei Times Editorial 48
47 The DPP must implement the law Chin Heng-wei 金恒煒 53
48 Human rights are our global ticket Kao Yung-cheng 高涌誠 64
49 Enforcing transitional justice Taipei Times Editorial 62
50 Taiwan and the rest of the world Ben Goren 61
51 Public fed up with ‘dinosaur judges’ Taipei Times Editorial 65
52 China demonstrates its ruthlessness Chen Fang-ming 陳芳明 55
53 The world is a victim of China’s trade policy Huang Tien-lin 黃天麟 57
54 KMT’s contributions to the CCP Lee Hsiao-feng 李筱峰 57
55 Lee Ming-che: The long fight Taipei Times 53
56 Squeaky clean Ma likes to roll in the mud Chang Kuo-tsai 張國財 53
57 Ching Fu case chance to clean up politics Li Kuan-long 李坤隆 67
58 More relevant topics needed in class Taipei Times Editorial 64
59 Taiwan’s status can’t be changed unilaterally Taipei Times 67
60 Getting brand ‘Taiwan’ on the map Taipei Times Editorial 66
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Chinese dissident Yang Jianli (楊建利) yesterday urged Taiwan not to forget about democracy, freedom or its sovereignty when pursuing closer relations with China.

“I would like to call on President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) to use the language of democracy and freedom when developing closer ties with China. Taiwanese should pay more attention to their sovereignty so that it won’t be damaged when interacting with China,” Yang told a press conference coorganized by domestic civic groups to voice their support for democracy and human rights activists in China.