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Full of Miracles of Divine Intervention – Formosa Holy Mountain’s Mountain Purification Program Volunteer Chronicle

The Holy Mountain Movement is as described in the previous article.  Nevertheless, the follow-up maintenance and up keeping activities of Mountain Purification Program are actions that must be taken.


After a human being’s birth, significant karmic hindrances always follow.  Without debating whether with or without spiritual cultivation or embodied with extremely large amount of good karma, the life after a human being is born, there’s no one who’s not committing - daily - bad karma (or sins).  Adding the force of accumulated bad karma from prior incarnations to the course of human life, there naturally will be very many “gusts” and very many “down pours.”  Occasionally enduring certain unfortunate events will ignite conflicts and clashes in our lives.  Human nature’s reaction, whether displayed as happy or unhappy, felicity-filled or unfortunate, processes; if overwhelming, will affect the entire family, ignite mental instability; bankruptcies, lawsuits, murders…emerges one after another furiously. 


In our universe there is a solidly unchanging Law of Cause-and-Effect.  Routinely, every one of our personal ill-fated incident are all induced by our own bad karma, quietly exerting its influence.  The so-named “karma-elimination process,” besides enduring the attacks of evil karma, one must look for a method that “eliminates karma and dissolves misfortunes.”  Following the ancient teachings of our great Immortals and Buddhas, the unchanging principle of karma elimination and dissolving misfortunes is the feasibility of using spiritual and/or material “giving of oneself” that also concur with justice and social good, to neutralize and eliminate the effects of evil karma.  Subsequently, big misfortunes turn into small ones and small misfortunes turn naught. 


Now, the Taiwanese Divinities are the masters who turn the Dharmic Wheel that manages our Combined Karma; thus they are greatest wellspring of spiritual force in the celestial world.


As for the Holy Mountain Movement, which serves as a symbol that represents the Taiwanese Divinities, it will become the center for the spiritual divine intervention in shaping our physical world; and in doing so, directs the future of Taiwan’s national destiny; and ultimately, endowing our world with peace and freedom!  Participating in the Formosa Holy Mountain’s Mountain Purification Program is the most effective in: eliminating bad karma and dissolving misfortunes, turning big misfortunes into small ones, turning small misfortunes to naught, as well as creating achievements and building virtues.  Contributing one unit of endeavor accomplishes ten units of achievements.  In between the activities of Holy Mountain Purification, one comes in close contact with the mystical Spiritual Joy.


For those of you who are fortunate enough to read this article, you are all experiencing lucky synchronicity.  Hopefully, by joining with Taiwan’s nation-building endeavor and activities of Holy Mountain Purification and Pilgrimages, which are all activities with meaningful principles and ideologies, and dedicate both mentally and physically to the endeavors of Holy Mountain; you will inevitably receive great blessings.


The observed miracles can and should be experienced by every one of you – with your own senses!

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