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Home The News Press Release The first historical Tibetan tower revealed in Holy Mountain, Taiwan

The first historical Tibetan tower revealed in Holy Mountain, Taiwan

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A ceremony of Tibetan Uprising Tower Opening and and Martyrs Memorial was held in the “Taiwan Holy Mountain - Ecological Education Park”

As peoples around the world in solidarity with the Tibetan uprising day, a ceremony of "Tibetan Uprising Tower Opening and Martyrs Memorial" to  memorialize those brave souls of Tibetan Self-immolations was held in Caotun, Nantou at the center of Taiwan on March 14, 2015. Also, it is the first tower built in Taiwan to commemorate Tibetan Self-immolations.

The activity organizer, Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation, is a civil society with the main goal in advocating a democratic and independent state of Taiwan through a promotion of "the Faith of 228 Tâi-uân-sîn(Taiwanese pronunciation of Taiwan gods)".  The tower is seated in the “Taiwan Holy Mountain - Ecological Education Park”, a place to educate and memorialize to those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of Taiwan's democracy, freedom and human rights, and maintained by the organization. Democracy activists, Dawa Tsering chairman of the Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tetetan in Taiwan and monks were all invited to attend the ceremony.

The Tibetan Uprising Tower is about 5-6 meters high and is placed on a square base of marble symbolizing the great land. The surface of base is engraved with memorial inscription and Tibetan flag. More specially, it is carved in Tibetan alphabet with the martyrs' names of self-immolations since 2008. The main section of tower was made by iron. In fact, it is a artifacts from a ruined temple during the Cultural Revolution in China. And, a small and a large size of stone ball stacked on the top and under the iron body symbolizes the perfection.

In the ceremony, people sang Tibetan National Anthem and Taiwan famous folk song together, there were also three Tibetan gurus prayed sutra in front of the tower. The main organizer, MD. Hsu-tung Yang, chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation, expressed that Taiwanese and Tibetan are in the same team to fight for democracy and independence and resist China's violence. And Chinese officials recently forced Dalai Lama to reincarnate that is too evil. Mr. Zai-ting Tian, chairman of Formosa TV(the highest-rated TV station in Taiwan), then praised those sacrificed Tibetan are democratic heroes in this global village, so the TV station will report today's ceremony. A 98-year-old Mr. Su Beng, a spiritual leader of Taiwan independence, urged that Taiwanese and Tibetan must keep the faith to fight for independence, and make more effort, not just talking and talking like a club.

Then, the guest of honor, Dawa Tsering, chairman of the Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed his gratitude to Taiwanese, with the tower, people will remember those Tibetan's story and suffering. Mei-li Chou, president of the Taiwan Friends of Tibet said she was so touched to come to Taiwan Holy Mountain, and reminded how China broken the so-call "peace aggrement".

Finally, Rainbow Liao, a Tati volunteer and also a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, said that "Recollecting of Cheng Nan-jung setting himself on fire in insisting on the freedom of speech, and shouts proudly that "I am Taiwanese, I advocate Taiwan independence" and at the same time, we shall not forget in a distant away that a group of people live in a snowland and have the same values as we do in pursing democracy and freedom, and now they are struggling bravely for their religious freedom and Tibet independence."

Taiwan and Tibet both countries face the oppression and infiltration of Chinese Communist regime. The Tibetan Uprising Tower is built for the link between the island and the plateau and for the values shared by the both sides of people. After the completion of tower, we are hoping that it will always remind the people of Taiwan of freedom is precious, and looking forward to the souls of the martyrs in heaven continue to unleash the power since striving for democracy, cherishing human rights and creating own nation state are the common goals and ideals for the peoples of Taiwan and Tibetan, and also hoping His Holiness the Dalai Lama can freely visit Taiwan sooner.

More: Activity Photo Slides - 2015-03-14 Tibetan Uprising Tower Opening and Martyrs Memorial

(videos coming soon)

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