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ICT report documents 20 cases of surviving self imolators

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DHARAMSHALA, March 20: The International Campaign for Tibet, a leading NGO based in the US, has said the the self immolators who survive the fiery act of protest face extreme physical and psychological sufferings at the hands of Chinese regime.

In a report  published on Friday, the ICT concludes that the treatment of survivors of self-immolators is an intensified wave of repression in Tibet, with those allegedly “associated” with self-immolators, including friends, families and even entire communities, being punished by the authorities.

The report, ‘Tibetan survivors of self-immolation: repression and disappearance’, reveals how Tibetans who survived self-immolation have faced violent treatment and disappearance, with some families unaware of whether their relative has lived or died years after they set themselves on fire.

The report documents cases of 20 Tibetans who survived self-immolation in Tibet, and three in exile. 137 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in Tibet since 2009, and seven in exile. 

"In most cases, Tibetan self-immolators in Tibet have died either on the scene, or afterwards in hospital – some go to great lengths to ensure that they will not survive, such as wrapping barbed wire around their body and drinking or covering themselves with kerosene", the ICT noted. 

Matteo Mecacci, President of the International Campaign for Tibet, said, “Due to the political sensitivities around the act of self-immolation in Tibet, those who survive have generally been held by the authorities in conditions of extreme secrecy and isolation. In some cases, families have only become aware of their relative’s situation when they have been shown in Chinese state media propaganda blaming the Dalai Lama for their actions."

Mecacci said his organization is profoundly concerned about the treatment of self-immolators in Tibet who survive. "The Chinese government should account for the whereabouts of those Tibetans who survived self-immolation, and for the disclosure of their medical treatment and care.”

Source: Phayul.com

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