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Home The News News A Tibetan Woman self-immolates over encroachment

A Tibetan Woman self-immolates over encroachment

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DHARAMSHALA, April 5: An unidentified Tibetan woman has set herself on fire in Kyegudo in Amdo (Ch: Qinghai) Province to protest against the demolition of her home.

Citing sources in the region, the US-based Radio Free Asia said the protest occurred last week when a Chinese wrecking crew arrived to destroy her house.

"Because of the eviction [of Tibetans] from their homes and the confiscation of people's farmland, a Tibetan woman self-immolated about a week ago" RFA quoted a Tibetan man as saying.

However, Tibetans put out fire and the woman's condition is said to be "not life-threatening".

RAF also quoted sources saying that a man has threatened to self-immolate to protest the confiscation of his land.

A powerful earthquake hit Kyegudo on 14 April 2010 resulting many Tibetan deaths and destruction of houses and properties.

Following the quake rebuilding Kyegudo has been slow and filled with official nepotism and delay.

"…Reconstruction has resulted in the eviction of Tibetans living in the Rishuggul area and behind the Yulshul Normal School," sites that were empty or used as farmland before the earthquake struck said RFA.

"Chinese security forces have bulldozed newly built Tibetan houses and tents on these sites, and have beaten and detained anyone resisting the demolition."

Chinese authorities demolished over a thousand of Tibetan houses in Kyekundo stating that their occupants are not officially registered to live.

The ongoing self-immolation in Tibet began in 2009 and to date as many as 114 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in Tibet calling for freedom in Tibet and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.

Source: Phayul.com

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