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US representatives enter 228 Massacre into record

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Statements have been entered into the US Congressional Record to mark the 66th commemoration of Taiwan’s 228 Massacre.

New Jersey Democratic Representative Robert Andrews and New Jersey Republican Representative Scott Garrett are leading a call for all members of the US Congress to lend their names to “commemorating this important historical event.”

In separate statements published in the Congressional Record, Andrews and Garrett recounted the history of the massacre.

“May the lessons learned from the 228 Massacre continue to inspire the people of Taiwan in their struggle for freedom, full independence, international participation and for the continued enhancement of the mutual relationship between Taiwan and the US,” Andrews said.

In a letter to his constituents, Garrett said: “History has since marked the 228 Massacre as a major turning point in Taiwan’s transformation from a dictatorship to a vibrant and thriving democracy.”

“Now, as the beacon of democracy in the region, Taiwan remains a close friend and a strong ally of the US. I will continue to be a staunch advocate for Taiwan,” he added.

The 228 Massacre refers to an incident that took place in 1947 when Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) troops suppressed a Taiwanese uprising, leaving tens of thousands dead, missing or imprisoned.

Formosan Association for Public Affairs president Mark Kao (高龍榮) said: “President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) owes the victims and their families an apology.”

“The KMT must make complete amends for the crimes it committed during the massacre and the protracted aftermath of [the] White Terror [era],” he said. “The Ma administration’s efforts to distort the history of the 228 [Massacre] need to be stopped immediately.”

Source: Taipei Times - 2013/03/02

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President Ma Ying-jeou yesterday defended his decision to file an appeal in court, insisting that he did the right thing and it was his duty to go forward and not to turn back.

“I did something I am supposed to do and I will proceed without hesitation,” Ma was quoted as saying by Presidential Office Public Affairs Department Director Tsai Chung-li, who said Ma made the remarks after learning about public criticism of his decision to appeal.