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Home Taesiong Scripture Chapter 2: Celestial Stewardship

Chapter 2: Celestial Stewardship


Officially positioned to celestial stewardship, the Taiwan divine entities, having obtained the fruit of supreme Bodhisattva status, divinely intervene among the humanity.  Right above peoples’ skulls, They record each and every sinful treason against Taiwan, accordingly curtail a person's life by twelve years or by a hundred days.  Additionally are the Tri-Corporeal Divinities, Who reside intrinsically among every physique.  Whenever cometh the first and the fifteenth of every moon, They specialize in reporting up to the Origin Destiny Divinities officially ordered and positioned to acting and averting cataclysm, and speak up on peoples’ sins and wrongs de maximus of anti-Taiwan and betraying Taiwan.  Doubly in check by Martial Divinities officially positioned day and night, to mark out and report from moment to moment.  Whatever the evil doings and evil deeds, all shall emerge visibly.

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Tibetans and supporters in Dharamshala, north India, carrying out a protest rally demanding immediate joint action by world leaders on Tibet on February 18, 2013. (Phayul photo/Norbu Wangyal)

DHARAMSHALA, February 18: With the number of Tibet self-immolations crossing the tragic milestone of 100 this month, Tibetans in the exile headquarters of Dharamshala today carried out a major rally demanding immediate joint action by world leaders.

Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters took part in a protest rally earlier this morning from the Mcleod Ganj Square to Lower Dharamshala, carrying Tibetan national flags and raising slogans for freedom and international intervention in the Tibet crisis.