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Home Letters for Taiwan Letters to US President Barack Obama Presenting Dr. Yang’s Poem, “Authoritarian Capitalists – Demons Everywhere”

Presenting Dr. Yang’s Poem, “Authoritarian Capitalists – Demons Everywhere”

Dear President Obama:

In response to the flagrantly pro-China aptitude of many US multi-nationals during the past few years, I would like to voice out our concern, in the form of a poem scripted by Taiwan Tati Foundation's chairman, Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung.  Dr. Yang had been a long time advocate of democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech.  His most important recent endeavor is advocating for Taiwan's sovereignty and democratization.  In addition, he also had been actively speaking out against the quasi-KMT organization, National Communication Corporation's (NCC) unconstitutional and illegal manipulation of Taiwan's media industry and abusing our country's freedom of speech.

Here is the poem:


So long as no discussions of democracy, human rights, liberty,
Major American multinationals,
Will own total business advantages in China.

Eye-popping joint-ventures were signed.
Chinese Communist’s leadership style of autocrats-cum-enterprise solidified.
Accomplice of anti-liberty, democracy, human rights they become.

Reagan’s time,
Thought that so long as the authoritarian China,
Is waded into by the American business dealings,
McDonald’s alone can arch the entire China to democratize.

Yet now,
American capitalists are in over their heads with “profits.”
To join with the Chinese authoritarians,
Actually becomes a “fatal attraction.”

China accumulates capital.
Military power rises and is rising.
Even more severely assaulting human rights.

The middle class rebelling against despotism,
Were all oppressed into “cheap labor.”
China becomes America’s indispensable “world’s factory.”
In no time, China gets to dance with caprice on the world’s stage.

The path of demons overwhelms the path of the righteous,
The Temple of Democracy the devil devours.

A-Jeou covets to copy all of these,
Obsessed with Taiwan to become a country with a many destitute and a few seriously rich.

China preys Taiwan’s capital.
Middle class gradually disappears.
Taiwanese people are reduced to Taiwanese servants.
The end game unification is over.

A father of two with US passports, A-Jeou,
Cease-fired diplomacy,
Broke down the military,
Sinicized politics and government,
Homogenized academic diplomas.
Taiwan’s capital is marching into the tide of despotism.

If DPP imitates all of these pro-China’s,
Not long in the future,
Taiwan as a country will no longer exist.
What’s the difference between DPP and KMT?

As long as the spoke-wheeled ROC is hung,
Even with presidency, Taiwanese people,
Still cannot forge out of,
KMT’s “singular China;”
Cannot overthrow the Chinese Communists’ control

A-bian with Taiwanese independence in mind,
Had fallen into the ROC trap,
Now suffers all kinds of pains and hardships.
DPP is terrorized into politically cut, cut, cut.
A-bian is betrayed by his own.

Build the Taiwanese country free of the system;
Withdraw from ROC electorate en total;
Establish Taiwanese people’s government;
Defend Taiwanese people’s sovereignty;
Prepare for extended fights against colonial powers;
Are maybe the only ways.

Oh, my God
Taiwanese Spirits bless   (END)

Sir, I hope you have enjoyed the poetry.  Taiwan is a thriving democracy and peace-loving nation who had always been an important ally to the US and major democracies in the world.  We hope that we will have your continued support to our endeavour of democratic nation-building.

Yi-Chang (Leo) Wang
Taiwan Tati Cultural & Educational Foundation

Note: Letter was written on Thursday, June 18, 2009

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