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Home Letters for Taiwan Letters to US President Barack Obama On the Statehood of Palestine and How It Relates to Taiwan’s Sovereignty

On the Statehood of Palestine and How It Relates to Taiwan’s Sovereignty

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Dear President Obama:

I like to congratulate you on your decision to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state (as reported by Reuters’ Mohammed Assadi’s “Palestinian Dismay, US and EU cautious on Netanyahu” on Monday June 15).  Albeit difficult, we pray that this will be the first step that will bring peace and democracy to the Middle East; and eventually, to the rest of the world.

I also like to use this opportunity to ask support for Taiwan’s independence.  We, Taiwanese had always been a peaceful people.  Unfortunately, throughout centuries, we had been occupied by many colonial powers.  Yet, we have always made valuable, peaceful, and even democratic contributions to our occupiers, including the Dutch, the Japanese, and the Chinese. 

Since the end of the Second World War, we had been an important ally; not only to the United States, but to world’s major democracies.  Taiwan had played an instrumental role in the information technology revolution that started in America’s Silicon Valley.  We also had been a major trading partner with the US, Japan, and increasingly, the EU.  Since the mid-eighties, with President Li Tung-Hui succeeding the dictator Chiang Ching-Kuo, Taiwan embarked on an important democratic transformation that is amazingly peaceful.  This process culminated in this new millennia, with the election of Democratic Progressive Party’s Chen Shui-Bian in year 2000; thereby, completing the first transfer of power across political parties for five decades!

Today, Taiwan is a vibrant economy and democratic nation where freedom of speech and human rights are respected.

Unfortunately, with the election of Ma Ying-Jeou last year, a flagrantly pro-China constituency now dictates over Taiwan’s governing apparatus.  Our country is being selling out to PROC piece by piece…..

Please support an independent Taiwan.  Help us establish a Republic of Taiwan that is truly democratic.  One that continues to observe and respect human rights and freedom.  Let us continue to be friends.  Let Taiwan continue to be America’s ally.

Yi-Chang (Leo) Wang
Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation
June 16, 2009; Tuesday

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