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Details for Red terror in Ma's government
NameRed terror in Ma's government

Producer:Liar Ma,
Translator:Wendy W. Yang and Leo Wang

At Taiwan, China's "People's Armed Police," with clubs and riot shields in hand without any mercy frantically beating unarmed and bleeding people who are willing to sacrifice their lives. These people are precisely whom the KMT administration, in control of TV and news media, labels as "violent agitators."

It's precisely these "violent agitators," through their bleeding, and sacrificing of their lives, Taiwan can dissolve the "Ten-Thousand-Year Republic Representatives" (lifetime senators), lift the Martial Law, end the White Terror, and liberalize freedom of assembly, association, press, democracy, human rights, speech, and the right to directly vote for presidency.

Today, China's "People's Armed Police" are implementing Martial Law at Taiwan, China's takeover of Taiwan is imminent. The pain and tragedy of the February 28th 1947 shall again, without discriminating between provencals and mainlanders, equally suffer tragic and ruthless ethnic cleansings and massacre!

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Democratic Progressive Party legislators in Taipei yesterday link hands as they call for Taiwan to take part unhindered in the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, at the end of this month.
Photo: Chang Chia-ming, Taipei Times

Lawmakers and doctors yesterday accused China of maneuvering to exclude Taiwan from this year’s World Health Assembly (WHA) and said that Taiwan should seek participation without any political preconditions.