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Unveil the strategic ambiguity

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DPP’s chairperson Tsai Ing-wen is about on her way to Washington DC to disclose her status quo of Taiwan. Ma Ying-jeou is questioning which status quo she has in mind, the status quo of his administration surrendering to China under the 1992 consensus and set Taiwan as a district of China, or as what Eric Chu presented to Xi Jinping that Taiwan is belonged to China in short of both side of Taiwan Strait are belonged to one China.


What is the status quo of Taiwan today? Even former DPP chairman Lin I-shiung insists on what he believed and blamed Tsai holding it as the cross-strait policy. He seems locked Taiwan into the KMT and CCP’s feud and ignored the legal status between Taiwan and the United States.

Is Taiwan really a part of China, a district of China or belonged to China? If yes, prove it. Where is the legal document of transaction the Taiwan sovereignty from Japan to China? If not, why does Taiwan still fly the ROC flag? Since 1945 Chiang Kai-shek military occupied Taiwan under General MacArthur’s General Order No. 1 Taiwan has been labeled as ROC which represented the whole China in United Nation until October 25, 1971 under the General Assembly 1976th plenary meeting, UN Resolution 2758 recognized PRC representing whole China and expelled the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek from the place which they unlawfully occupy at the United Nations and in all the organizations related to it.

So, the international community only recognized Chiang Kai-shek not ROC but he was dead. ROC is only an illusion nation in the world which has no people, no territory and no international recognition of government. No wonder the Article X of Treaty of Taipei says “nationals of the Republic of China shall be deemed to include all the inhabitants and former inhabitants of Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (the Pescadores) and their descendants”. If not include Taiwanese the ROC national is almost an empty shell.

ROC is fake name using by CKS and his KMT followers to cheat and mislead Taiwan people but it goes nowhere once you get outside of Taiwan, even on the island while meeting with PRC official or holding any official international activity it become invisible. The existing government is not consistently recognized by the international community.

In today’s international community, the US, CCP and KMT all have their own version of Taiwan status quo. The first one has been consistently maintained in the US’s Taiwan policy for 64 years since the day of signing San Francisco Peace Treaty. Whenever the US mentions the Taiwan status quo, it always tied to the three communiqués, and the Taiwan Relation Act. It recognizes PRC representing the whole China but not owning Taiwan. The three communiqués interprets PRC, ROC and Chinese on both sides of Taiwan Straits are belonged to one China while TRA clearly indicates Taiwan is not ROC, Taiwanese are not Chinese, so Taiwan is not belonged to China. As to PRC and ROC’s versions claiming Taiwan is part of China which are simply not true. The PRC has never ruled over Taiwan for any single day, and ROC was kicked out of China in 1949.

Then why does the US keep dealing with the ROC government in exile and holding the ambiguous policy on Taiwan and keep the ROC issue undecided for so long as what Dennis Wilder, former National Security Council Senior Director for Asian Affairs said “The position of the United States government is that the ROC -- Republic of China -- is an issue undecided, and it has been left undecided, as you know, for many, many years.” When will the US decide the issue of ROC?

April 11 while President Obama met with Cuban President Raul Castro said “the Cold War has been over for a long time. The US will not be imprisoned by the past… We’re looking to the future. I’m not interested in having battles that frankly started before I was born”.

Yes, the ambiguous policy on Taiwan was made by President Truman in 1950 during the first Cold War to distinguish Free/Red China which was also endorsed by President Nixon through Henry Kissinger’s “one China” policy. Now, there is none recognizing ROC and even KMT admit they are part of Chinese district and belonged to China. It is time for the US to change the ambiguous policy for it was out of date.

As a matter of fact, that the US Congress had clearly derecognized ROC on the Section 15 of Taiwan Relation Act, and informed Taiwanese that there are only governing authorities on Taiwan but not ROC government since 1979. The US has recently announced that the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kin Moy with good knowledge of the Taiwan Status Quo to be the next AIT director. He will be the first high profile US retired official to chair the newly built AIT office in Taipei. I believe it is a good sign that the Obama’s administration is about to take care of the issue of ROC.

The political environment of the Southwest Pacific has been very different to the WWII, now we are facing the Cold War II, the US and Japan closely allied against China and even the Japanese Prime Minister Abe was welcome to address at the Congressional joint meeting. The collective defense of Japan will also include Taiwan. Taiwanese military attend conference of US Marines. Yes, the US and Japan are prepared to face the new challenge from China. It is a perfect time for the DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen to inform the US that she is fully aware of the US status quo on Taiwan and she can firmly hold the steering wheel for the unsinkable carrier Taiwan through the challenge of unveiling the strategic ambiguity. Taiwan folks, are you ready for the change?

John Hsieh
Hayward, California

Source: TaiwanUS.net

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President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) trust index fell slightly this month and remained below 50, while that of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) reached a new high, a poll by the Chinese-language Global Views magazine showed yesterday.

The poll, conducted by the Global Views Survey Research Center, put Ma’s trust index at 43.9 on a scale of 100, down 0.2 points from last month. The level of trust in Tsai stood at 53.2 points, an increase of 1.3 points over last month’s poll.