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Legislator Liu Chien-kuo says Chen Shui-bian’s case shows jury system is needed (Photos)

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Interview with Legislator Liu Chien-kuo in his office

TaiwanPolitical Prisoner Report, Jan. 21, 2013. Legislator Liu Chien-kuo says that most people in Taiwan agree that Chen Shui-bian did not get a fair trial. Liu welcomed the opportunity to speak on the topic of Chen’s prosecution.

“A very, very unfair trial,” said Liu. “In that proceeding, they replaced the judge for a hit man for the government. Most everyone in Taiwan says that is not legal, the judge is illegal.”

View slideshow: Legislator Liu Chien-kuo

“A jury system is needed in Taiwan. In this case, Chen Shui-bian’s case, the government controls the courts imposing an illegal judge. So I think a jury is a good idea. An active jury system is needed for fair trials.”

Liu explained: “The legislature could make a law requiring juries but the administration doesn’t like juries. If Taiwan would use a jury system it would not be easy for the government to control the courts. There are at least two groups pursuing a jury system, trying to help make a law to require juries. I agree with the effort.

“As long as the Kuomintang is the ruling party, the majority party, it will not be easy to succeed. We have to ask KMT legislators to help obtain justice, not only for President Chen, but for justice itself,” said Legislator Liu.

“From the beginning it was a totally unfair trial because of the replaced judge. I agree with many others that it was political, not just. I really don’t like this current system. I hope that President Chen can get a fair trial.”

Liu complained: “President Chen has his cell lights on all the time with twenty-four hour monitoring. It may be the same situation in many prisons but President Chen cannot exercise freely. He is not free to move. They could send a guard to watch him but instead they keep Chen Shui-bian isolated in his cell. President Chen is not allowed to exercise with other prisoners where he could be easily watched. It is unfair treatment for President Chen.”

“President Ma Ying-jeou and the Minister of Justice, they know about this, they are aware, but they are directing the action against President Chen. It is shameful. So that is why people, like Professor Aquia Tsay, are getting involved with rescuing Abian and protesting to change that situation.

“It is impossible that Ma Ying-jeou is not involved. Ma controls all the systems and can actually affect the judgment. The Taiwanese people do not believe Ma Ying-jeou when he says he is not involved. Yes, Ma is personally involved in the case,” insisted Liu.

“Taiwan is a democratic country but in this case there was a plan to put President Chen in jail. The replacement of the judge is especially telling. The first judge said Chen was innocent so they replaced the judge. It is a ridiculous change from normal procedure,” emphasized Liu with disgust.

“We hope the American people support Taiwan society. The Taiwan Justice Rescue Force volunteers, this group has received violent treatment from the policemen. Especially, Professor Tsay, who got hurt recently. I want to thank you for coming from the United States to help inform people about the situation in Taiwan,” thanked Legislator Liu.

“Perhaps someday, we will have enough people to force President Ma to change his attitude against fair treatment of President Chen. Chen has health problems. We just want him to get medical parole. Not absolute freedom, just medical parole,” pleaded Liu.

Liu complained again about the trial of Chen: “President Chen was found guilty by false testimony from Mr. Jeffery Koo. The guilty verdict is not normal when a witness admits false testimony.”

Commenting on Jeffery Koo’s own pending prison sentence, Liu said: “The treatment of Chen must be fair, then you can accept; but now, it is unfair treatment, we cannot accept this situation. Koo is allowed to travel to the United States but President Chen is kept confined in a small cell. It is very sad when you compare the two situations. It is unfair.”

“What we want is a simple request, that President Chen be treated fairly.”

“Many people, convicted of more serious crimes than President Chen, get parole. Why cannot Chen Shui-bian not get parole, even medical parole?” asked Legislator Liu.

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Source: Michael Richardson - Boston Progressive Examiner

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